Amristari Uncle Is Selling “Old Monk Waale Bater” And We’re Definitely Trying It

by Tooba Shaikh
Amristari Uncle Is Selling “Old Monk Waale Bater” And We’re Definitely Trying It

India loves Old Monk, that much is clear. And alcohol in food items isn’t all that uncommon. Plenty of cuisines use different kinds of wines and spirits in cooking. But the dish that we’re about to show you is extremely mindblowing. It consists of two items that you may not have imagined could be combined. Old Monk with Bater! And if we’re being honest, we’re quite intrigued now that the possibility has been made available to us.

Old Monk Waale Bater By This Old Amritsari Uncle


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You might have heard of chicken made in an Old Monk gravy. You might have even heard of pasta made in vodka. But you definitely have not heard of quail made in Old Monk! Yes, you heard that right! This kindly old uncle is selling quail that has been stewing in Old Monk! Have you ever heard of such an innovative dish?

He starts by pouring lots of ghee in a deep metallic pot. Then he adds all the whole masalas like bay leaf, cinnamon sticks, black pepper, cloves and more! He then adds ginger garlic paste and some coriander powder. Next, he adds red chilli powder and onion paste. He then drizzles tomato puree over this and lets it cook. He probably also adds salt somewhere along the way.

Next, he adds the star of this dish! The Old Monk! He adds a generous amount of it to the stew and lets it cook for a while. The person recording even jokes that everyone who eats it would get drunk.

He then adds the quail to the stew and lets it simmer. Then, he garnishes it with chopped green chillies, chopped ginger, and coriander leaves. He even tells us that quails are incredibly protein-packed and are very healthy to eat.

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Would You Try This Daring Combination?

old monk bater
Image Credits: @food_founder_/Instagram

The old uncle prices it at ₹220 per plate. If you’re curious to try this unique dish, you can head to Bubby Fish and Chicken Corner, Amritsar. Many people took to the comment section and expressed how lip-smacking the dish really was. Some people had even tried it already and vouched for how good it tasted!

Admittedly, we haven’t tried it but we certainly are curious about how it tastes. The video was shared on November 3 on the popular social media platform, Instagram. Since it was first posted, it has garnered more than one lakh likes and even more views! It was shared by Jugraj Singh, a food blogger based in Amritsar.

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It’s not every day that you see a combination of Quail and Old Monk. We’re quite intrigued by it and would certainly be interested in trying it. Would you? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @food_founder_/Instagram

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