Kolkata’s First Alcohol Kebabs Creates A ‘Buzz’ Online! Foodies Say “What A Waste Of Old Monk”

by Shreya Ghosh
Kolkata’s First Alcohol Kebabs Creates A ‘Buzz’ Online! Foodies Say “What A Waste Of Old Monk”

Jab alcohol mile chicken kebabs se. The deadly duo of chicken kebabs and booze is a favourite of many. But have you ever heard of kebabs being prepared with any kind of alcohol? Well, we are a bit unsure about other places but we found the first eatery in Kolkata making alcohol kebabs and it has already started making buzzing on social media. Often visited by food bloggers, this is now becoming a trending place to explore in the City of Joy.

Here’s How Alcohol Kebabs Are Made!

Twitter user Aakar Patel (@Aakar__Patel) shared a video of the much-talked-about place “Oh My God!!!” that is selling this chicken delicacy. The video shows how the kebabs are cooked and the use of alcohol in the cooking process. The cook uses old monk for this recipe and we can see him pouring the alcohol in several steps of the cooking method.

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The video shows how the chicken pieces are marinated well with a mixture of spices and old monk. While roasting the pieces on skewers, some old monk is also drizzled on them. The rum-infused kebabs are served in clay pots with some green chutney. Lastly, while serving, some more Old Monk is poured on top. 6 pieces of alcohol kebabs are served in each clay pot. It costs ₹220.

Netizens Have Very Mixed Reactions To This

Shared on 29 June 2023, this video has already grabbed the attention of foodies from all around. Netizens from both Kolkata and outside are sharing their willingness to try these alcohol kebabs. Many are sharing how they are finding this recipe to be very yummy and they will relish some very soon.

On the other hand, some even pointed out that this is a simple waste of Old Monk. The comments and reactions are quite contrasting. Which side are you on?

Here’s what Twitter users have to say about this viral and first-ever alcohol kebab of Kolkata.

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Kolkatans, are you giving this a try?

Where: Oh My Kebab!!!

Address: 28/5, Convent Road, Entally, Kolkata

When: 6 PM – 10:30  PM

Price: ₹150 for one order (approx.)

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Aakar Patel (@Aakar__Patel)