Kolkata Street Vendor Sells Daab & Thums Up Fuchka. Foodies Say “Thoda Sa Zeher Bhi Daaliye”

by Shreya Ghosh
Kolkata Street Vendor Sells Daab & Thums Up Fuchka. Foodies Say “Thoda Sa Zeher Bhi Daaliye”

Fuchka is an emotion for Bengalis and everyone living in West Bengal. Over the years, there have been quite some new introductions such as doi fuchka and chutney fuchka, and truth to be told, we love gorging on all these. Just like our biryani, mutton kosha, and rosogolla, we do not like experiments on our favourite fuchka as well. And a recent viral video of a Kolkata street vendor serving some unique yet weird fuchkas is coming as a shock to all the foodies of Kolkata.

South Kolkata’s Street Food Vendor Serves Never Seen Before Fuchkas!

The popular food blogger The Foodies Retreat Reels (@tfrreels) recently explored a street food vendor named “Dilip Dar Fucka” in South Avenue and shared some clips of him trying these street food items on Instagram.


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Kolkata fuchkas are known all around for the chatpata potato stuffing dipped in spicy tamarind water. Well, this street food vendor is known for serving varieties of fuchka with daab (green coconut) and thums up. Yes, you read that absolutely right. As shared in the video, the stall owner prepares the spicy fuchka water with thums up. In another of his weird food innovations, he uses water from the green coconut to make spicy water.

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Instagrammers React To This Viral Video & They Are Not Impressed!

Picture credit- The Foodies Retreat Reels Twitter @tfrreels

Foodies and fuchka lovers have united in the comment section to share their disappointment and disapproval of these kinds of fuchkas served at this vendor. Many are commenting on how this can lead to stomach issues. Some are even complaining about how such innovations are ruining the originality and simplicity of fuchkas.

Shared about 3 days back, the video has already garnered over 468K views with more than 14K likes and hundreds of comments.

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The food blogger also shared a clip of the menu of this street food stall. The menu consists of unique fuchka options such as Aludam Phuchka, Anardana Phuchka, Chocolate Phuchka, Mango Phuchka, Fruit Juice Phuchka, Strawberry Phuchka, and more.

Well, will you ever give these street food items a try?

Where: Maharaja Chat Centre (Dilip Da’s Phuchka)

When: Vivekananda Park, South Avenue

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ The Foodies Retreat Reels (@tfrreels)