Would You Eat This Dish-Washing Sponge Cake? Netizens Are Utterly Confused!

by Vinita Jain
Would You Eat This Dish-Washing Sponge Cake? Netizens Are Utterly Confused!

A major trend we’ve noticed in the world of baking is the creation of surreal, customised cakes. Nowadays, hyper-realistic dishes are considered fashionable and unique. Some of them look so real that it becomes very difficult to distinguish them from an inedible object. Take the example of an edible dish-washing cake. Yes, you read this right. A video of an edible dish-washing sponge cake went viral, leaving netizens confused.

An Indonesian food blogger, Andre Sarwano shared a short clip on Instagram where he can be seen cutting a cake that exactly looks like a dish-washing sponge. Not only this there’s also edible foam present on the cake which makes it look more realistic.

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Here’s What The Edible Dish-Washing Sponge Cake Post Reads

Salfok is real. Ah, it’s one of those cakes shaped like a dish sponge, similar to the original, and delicious. Isn’t it fascinating? If you didn’t know, you might mistake it for a real dish-washing sponge. You can sample this cake by @asteria.cakes. Honestly, I love being amazed by modern cakes that taste great and also look eye-catching.”

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This Video Left Netizens In Splits

The video has garnered a whopping 4.2 million views after being shared online. Netizens were outraged and they voiced their opinions in the comments.

“Dude. This feels gross af. Who decided on this genre of disturbing ass cakes. It literally makes me mad, Wtf” Commented one user. “No way. That doesn’t look good to eat” commented another. “But is that foam really sweet I mean part of the cake tho. 💀” commented third.

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So, if somebody offers you an edible dish-washing sponge cake, how will you react? Do let us know.

Cover image courtesy: makanterusss / Instagram