An Israel-Bound Flight With 128 Passengers Made An Emergency Landing In Jeddah. Here’s Why

by Anupriya Mishra
An Israel-Bound Flight With 128 Passengers Made An Emergency Landing In Jeddah. Here’s Why

When boarding a plane, a person always wishes for safe travels and one that is not wrought with anything that could delay their journey. However, it seems that 128 Israeli passengers aboard a flight that was headed to Tel Aviv had to face a challenging situation, as the flight made an emergency landing in Saudi Arabia. Here’s The reason why the flight had to make an unscheduled landing in Jeddah.

Israel-Bound Flight Makes Emergency Landing In Saudi Arabia

Air Seychelles
Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

An Israel-bound flight, which was carrying dozens of Israeli passengers had to make an emergency landing in Saudi Arabia on August 28, Monday. The reason for this cited in a report by the Middle East Eye that quoted Hebrew language media outlets mentioned the aircraft had faced some technical issues. The report revealed that approximately 128 Israeli passengers who were on their way to Tel Aviv ended up spending a night in a hotel in Jeddah. However, they were able to depart on Tuesday morning as a replacement flight flew them to Tel Aviv. Moreover, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also released a statement appreciating the good neighbourly gesture shown by Saudi authorities to the Israeli passengers.

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The Technical Error Has Not Been Disclosed By Air Seychelles

Tel Aviv
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At this point, it should be mentioned that the original flight was travelling from Seychelles to Tel Aviv when it was forced to land in Jeddah. While the technical error has not been disclosed by Air Seychelles, which was operating the flight, it must be noted that passengers were safe. The report also mentioned that this is possibly the first time that an emergency commercial flight headed to Israel had been allowed to land in the Saudi airspace. However, this is not the only Israel-bound flight that has recently been disrupted. Recently, a flydubai flight, which was supposed to depart from the Dubai International Airport for Tel Aviv encountered some passenger disruption, which ended up delaying the flight by nearly 5 hours behind schedule on Friday, August 25.

Nobody wants their flights to be disrupted for any reason, after all, it hampers their schedule immensely. However, such quick thinking and cordiality by authorities on the ground keep passengers feeling safe.

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