Anand Mahindra Lauds Bengaluru Startup’s Idli ATM; Wants To See It In Malls Globally

by Dikshita
Anand Mahindra Lauds Bengaluru Startup’s Idli ATM; Wants To See It In Malls Globally

Not just Netizens and foodies, the innovation of Bengaluru’s ‘idli ATM’ has astonished industrialists too. Anand Mahindra has been spellbound by this creation and sees a global opportunity in it. He also took to Twitter and expressed how potent he finds this innovation. 

The idea struck an engineer, Sharan Hiremath, in 2016 and thus, he initiated his startup called Freshot Robotics. Freshot Robotics has vending machines to dispense idlis and other South Indian food choices, hassle-free. 

Anand Mahindra’s Tweet About The Idli ATM 

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The industrialist wanted to know how the idlis tasted and whether they meet the FSSAI food standards. Mahindra also added that he hopes to see such vending machines dispensing hot food at airports and malls. And very intelligently, he calls it a far-sighted ‘cultural export’. 

But the rest of the population is not thinking in the same direction and has expressed their different views.

One user tweeted that food preparation and serving need human touch and affection, and that not everything should be made automatic.

While another expressed their old-school affection towards eateries. The tweet read, “Nothing beats the taste of old celebrated idli eateries”. “Also this idli is also costlier and not a heavy meal so this won’t become a steady alternative”, the tweet added.

All About The Idli ATM

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Every innovation is risen out of a problem. So has this idli vending machine.

 You can place the order by simply scanning the application code and paying online. Cchoose from idlis, vada, and even podi on the vending machine’s menu. In just a few minutes, you’ll get your order packed in recyclable packaging and served with sambhar and chutney from another small machine beside it.

Bengaluru Startups Continue To Innovate With Food

Besides the idli vending machine, the golgappa vending machine was also invented as a by-product of the pandemic era. Check out this golgappa dispensing machine in the video below. Watch! 

And that’s not all. An eatery in Bengaluru has given a unique spin to the OG of all Indian snacks, samosa. They stamp the name of samosa fillings on the crust of the samosas to distinguish one order from another. 

We must say, Bengalureans have surpassed the thinkable and are creating some very quirky and much-needed inventions.

Cover image courtesy: Wikimedia commons, Twitter/ B Padmanaban