Anand Mahindra Lauds Rickshaw Driver Who Suffered Two Terrible Life Incidents; Calls Him Start-Up Hero

by Sushmita Mahanta
Anand Mahindra Lauds Rickshaw Driver Who Suffered Two Terrible Life Incidents; Calls Him Start-Up Hero

Seeing successful people sharing about their humble beginnings is always an inspiration. Recently the chairman of Mahindra Group was seen sharing something similar on Twitter. Industrialist Anand Mahindra recently took to Twitter to share about his Start-up hero! And you will be pleasantly surprised to know that his hero is a humble auto-rickshaw driver Paramjeet Singh, who rebuilt his life multiple times after losing everything. Totally an inspiration must say! And Anand Mahindra introducing social media to the lesser known yet brave Parmjeet as his start-up hero is gaining all the love and attention from the internet. Read on to know about the inspiring story of Anand Mahindra’s start-up hero!

Anand Mahindra Praises Singh For His Determination, Shares His Story On Twitter

On July 25, the Internet was introduced to Anand Mahindra’s Start-up hero by the industrialist himself. Mahindra took to Twitter to sub-quote a tweet by The Better India that had an account of Paramjeet Singh’s life story. His heartfelt tweet read, “He is my ‘Start-up’ hero. What he has done takes much more spirit & courage then just starting up a business—he has restarted & reinvented his life…not just once, but twice.”
According to an account of Singh’s life shared recently by The Better India on Twitter, Paramjeet Singh was the sole distributor of “Rasna”. But in the 1984 riots, Singh lost everything. He met with a terrible accident a few years after he restarted his life as a taxi driver. However, his zeal to thrive got him back on his feet and Singh now leads his life as an auto-rickshaw driver.

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Internet Showers The Autorickshaw Driver With Love And Respect

Anand Mahindra’s tweet where he shared about Paramjeet Singh, the auto-rickshaw driver as his start-up hero, has gone viral. The tweet currently has more than a thousand likes and hundred retweets. The life of the humble rickshaw driver Singh has taught everyone a very important life lesson – to not lose hope! The Internet is showering praises on Anand Mahindra for sharing such an inspiring story and on Paramjeet Singh calling the latter a hero for millions. Some of the comments also pointed out how Singh could have done wonders with Rasna if he had the right support.
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