Anantara Eastern Mangroves Gets A Dreamy Japanese Restaurant With A Hidden Speakeasy!

by Deeplata Garde
Anantara Eastern Mangroves Gets A Dreamy Japanese Restaurant With A Hidden Speakeasy!

Abu Dhabi is the new party hotspot after Dubai. And we are suckers for new restaurants & bars. Were you searching for hidden spots to take your group to a new party place? We can help! Head to this new cool Japanese venue recently opened in this renowned hotel of Abu Dhabi. There’s a secret inside the venue! Visit the restaurant to unlock this mystery.

Ba:TE By Wawa Dining Has Opened Up At Anantara Eastern Mangroves

Abu Dhabi gets a taste of Japan thanks to Ba:TE by Wawa Dining. The new restaurant, which is housed in the Anantara Eastern Mangroves Abu Dhabi Hotel, takes pleasure in producing food that is inspired by nature and serving it in a chic, upscale environment. Here are some things to look forward to from the restaurant now that we have had a first look inside the new location.

The premise of Ba:TE by Wawa Dining is influenced by Japan because it has calligraphy on the walls, lights that resemble chōchin laterns, and a curving roof in the karaha fu-styled fashion. The eatery will also house JUMAK Bar, a venue with artistic, musical, and dance performances inspired by the social clubs of the old Yangban culture. Aristocrats, government employees, and military officers who understand and value the arts in life were drawn to Yangbans, which were once favoured by Korea’s ruling elite. With bar seats, high tables, and high stools, JUMAK Bar will be a lively area with entertainment features where patrons may unwind while enjoying food and drinks.

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What Dishes To Relish Here?

The Far Eastern traditions that emphasise natural ingredients and traditional Japanese cuisine with influences from Peru and Korea are at the core of Ba: TE menu. TE’s Thus far, we are aware of a variety of foods, including healthful steamed rice cooked in a clay pot called Sotbab and fresh sashimi. Also, there are other modern Japanese dishes as well as a special dessert.

Are you planning to try some Nikkei cuisine in Abu Dhabi? If you screamed yes then please visit this venue and stay back to explore the hidden speakeasy.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wawa Dining