I Love My India Ep 5: Land Of Pristine Blue Waters, Andaman

by Kamiya Jani
I Love My India Ep 5: Land Of Pristine Blue Waters, Andaman

Blue waters and deep oceans; a sunrise full of hope and a sunset that would make you philosophical. All of this you will find only in India, our incredible India. Far away from the chaos of the city, if you hear anything at calm beaches of Andaman, it would be the sound of the ocean, the soothing breeze and the sound of your heart beating.

1. Island of  No Mobile Connectivity

Your holiday isn’t considered a holiday if you keep checking social media or attend calls from your workplace. But here, at Andaman’s Havelock Island, you don’t need to worry because you wouldn’t be getting hardly any phone signal. It would be enough to call for help if you are stranded, but not to have long conversations or check your Instagram feed. In some pockets, there wouldn’t be any connectivity whatsoever, but use that to your advantage.

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2. Sunset At Radhanagar Beach: Asia’s Best Beach

Each day on this island can be spent on a different beach but first, I want to go to Asia’s best which is also the world’s 8th best, Radhanagar. It is said that this is one of the 12 most stunning places to watch sunsets at, so I decided to have a first-hand experience. Apart from watching the gorgeous sunset, you can either choose to swim or have a picnic here too. Be ready to find small crabs curling around your feet as you take a long walk on the beach.

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3. Sunrise At Kala Pathar Beach

Havelock Island is not only known for its sunset but also for its breathtaking sunrises. At 4AM, we went to Kala Pathar Beach which is at the tip of this island. It is said, that at Kala Pathar, you get to see ‘the perfect sunrise’. You can come here early to witness the peace and tranquility and get lost in your own thoughts.

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4. Perfect Destination For Honeymoon And Solo Travellers

Havelock is also a popular honeymoon destination, and why not? It’s quite a romantic place. Blue waters, white sand, fresh juice, good food and a long walk by the beach, is quite a wonderful combination. Even if you don’t have a partner, all of this can be enjoyed all by yourself too. Self-love is also equally important. So whether you are with someone, or no one, Havelock islands will make sure that you neither feel too crowded or alone.

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5. Barefoot: A Unique Property

The Andaman islands are home to many properties, but there was one that caught our attention. At Barefoot, you are asked to enter barefoot. Yes, literally. Slightly traditional and opting the ‘true and real ways’ to explore the island, the property offered numerous experiences that made our stay quite comfortable. Another interesting aspect about this place is that, when you wake up, you get to hear chirping of different birds; and there are believed to be over 25 species in this resort.


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