10 Simple Ways In Which You Can Help Revive The Indian Tourism Industry

by Suchismita Pal
10 Simple Ways In Which You Can Help Revive The Indian Tourism Industry

The travel and hospitality industry has faced a massive blow due to the coronavirus pandemic. During the crisis, the acute financial crunch has compelled many businesses to take drastic steps like cutting wages and laying off employees. Some top-notch companies, like the world’s second-oldest airline ‘Avianca’, have even filed for bankruptcy due to COVID-19. According to a report from the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the global tourism industry will lose at least $1.2 trillion ( ₹7,52,02,50,00,00,000) this year amid the travel restrictions. As many states in India are now lifting the travel restrictions, tourism is gradually resuming. But travel post-COVID-19 is going to be much different from what it was before. Firstly, we need to adhere to the protocols of social distancing. Secondly, we must be responsible enough so that our actions can help the local economies grow.

Here are 10 ways in which you can contribute to the Indian tourism industry and help the nation’s economy revive while travelling:

1. Stay At Homestays, Local Hotels And Palaces

Instead of booking your stays at luxury hotels run by foreign companies, prefer to stay at the hotels and homestays run by the natives. India has a large number of splendid homestays that can make your holidays warm and memorable. Staying at these homestays have several perks. You can enjoy the local food, immerse in the local culture, learn the dialects of the people and loads more. Here are 10 gorgeous homestays that are a perfect escape from the loud noises of the city.

2. Shop At Local Markets

You definitely need to visit the local markets to pick up clothes, utilities and other handicrafts as souvenirs of the place. For instance, in case you’re at Shillong, you must check out the Lewduh Bara Bazaar for authentic spices and Khasi knives. When at Jaipur,  you definity need to visit the Bapu Bazaar and Johari Bazaar for traditional dupattas, chic silver jewellery, juttis and other ethnic attires.

3. Hire A Local Guide

To explore the hidden treasures of a particular place and not to miss out on anything, you’ll need to hire a travel guide. It will help you understand your place of travel better and the guide will also earn some money. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation. For now, let us be your guide and take you to Meghalaya and Jammu virtually.

Indian Tourism Industry

4. Gorge On Local Food

Travelling to a place and not enjoying the local cuisine can be an absolute injustice to the trip. So, bring out the desi foodie in you and head straight to the local restaurants serving the authentic dishes of the state. Also, how can you miss out the street foods? For example, when in Bhubaneshwar, you cannot afford to miss trying chakuli and chhena boda. Also, you must visit the Porta Waddo at Siolim, Goa to try out the surprise meal by Mercian Fernandes.


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5. Ditch International Cabs And Use Local Transport

While travelling, refrain from booking cabs from international companies. Instead, ride on the local buses, auto-rickshaws, hired cars, boats, trains and more. If you visit Kolkata, you must enjoy rides on the iconic trams and yellow taxis. On your trip to Kerala, you should spend a couple of nights, gliding through the water body on a bamboo houseboat.

6. Promote Local Businesses

Let the people know about the rare sites, the artisans and handicrafts of a state, town or village through word of mouth, social media, etc. Promote their businesses in whatever ways you can. If you go to Benaras, you can get the hang of the making of Benarasi sarees from the locals and tell others about their specialities. Or if you visit Purulia, you can take some snaps of villagers making chhau masks and upload them on social media. There is a cafe named Sheroes that is run by acid attack survivors. It has outlets in Lucknow, Agra and Udaipur. India also has the most magnificent floating market on the lap of the mountains, at Srinagar.

Indian Tourism Industry

7. Learn Something New And Pay The Locals

When we travel, we meet a lot of people. We learn so much from them, however, we can’t always pay them. But a small gesture of acknowledging their support can go a long way. In Meghalaya’s Laitlum Canyon, our host Kamiya met a local who was selling chai. She told Kamiya about the Meghalayan culture and in return, Kamiya gave her some extra bucks.

Indian Tourism Industry

8. Spend Time Watching Local Art And Culture

India is a country with a vast diversity of cultures. One can find a wide array of art styles, dance forms, music and languages across the different places of the country. Getting to know about the different traditions will not only boost your knowledge base, but can also give you immense rejuvenation.

Indian Tourism Industry

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9. Teach Something To The Locals

When you interact with the locals, you too can teach them something new. For example, you can give them ideas to flourish their businesses. Or you might tell them about the culture of your home town. Share knowledge, understand their passion and help them explore things.

10. Book A Trip Through Local Tours And Travels

If you’re booking a trip through tourism agencies, try to opt for the local options of your travel destination. For example, if you are visiting Sikkim, try to find the local tour operators who can take you to a Sikkimese homestay from the station or airport and plan your itinerary. Booking your tour with them will be well organized too, since they know the places best.

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Think mountains, oceans, caves, waterfalls, plateaus, gorges and deserts, India has almost everything. That’s why we suggest you to go #Vocalforlocal and choose Srinagar’s floating market over Bangkok’sAuli’s slopes over Alaska’sAndaman’s Radhanagar Beach over the Maldives , India Gate over Arc De Triomphe and Alleppey over Venice. On that note, know about the top 15 international travel experiences in India.