We Bet You’ll Forget Venice After Visiting The Backwaters Of Alleppey!

Backwaters Of Alleppey
by Suchismita Pal

The City of Water, Venice is known as one of the most romantic destinations in the world. The picturesque city in Italy consists of 188 small islands connected by clear blue waterways. But why spend 14 hours in a flight without any internet connection to reach Venice, when we have our very own Alleppey? Nestled in God’s own country, Kerala, the gorgeous town of Alleppey is known as the Venice of the East. The sight of the pristine backwaters of Alleppey, surrounded by towering palm trees, perfectly fits into the definition of a paradise on Earth. Meandering for a length of around 900 metres, the backwaters are unique to Kerala. The various lakes, canals, lagoons and deltas that form the backwaters flow into the Arabian Sea.

Backwaters of Alleppey And The Quaint Houseboats

We agree without a doubt that Venice has a marvellous cityscape. But where in Europe would you have the opportunity to eye upon the soothing vistas of the countryside while unwinding inside a bamboo houseboat? On the backwaters of Alleppey, you can revel in this experience. The quaint houseboats have luxury interiors with all the facilities, from a driver to a cook. You can book a couple of nights on these houseboats to soak into the vibes of the backwaters in full throttle.

Backwaters Of Alleppey

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Also, the cooks inside the houseboats can prepare delectable fish and prawn dishes, along with seasonal juices, that you can enjoy while observing the rustic culture all around. We take this opportunity to tell you about the exotic treehouse stay at Kerala’s Dream Catcher Resort.

Backwaters Of Alleppey

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Alleppey Is One Of The Most Photogenic Destinations On The Earth

The lush greenery along the sides of the backwaters, with the marvellous vistas of rural Kerala, will leave every nature lover awestruck. With a vast network of lagoons and rich flora, Alleppey on India’s longest lake, Vembanad is unquestionably one of the most photogenic destinations in the world. No wonder, the directors have chosen the place for filming hit Bollywood movies like Dil Se, Baaghi and Ek Deewana Tha.

Backwaters Of Alleppey

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The Green Islands On The Backwaters: A Treat To The Sore Eyes

Kerala has three main backwater regions. The first one is the Kollam district’s Ashtamudi Lake, which is also Kerala’s second-largest lake. This lake is home to many endangered marine species. While gliding through the Ashtamudi Lake, one can visit the splendid Munroe island. The second prominent region is the Vembanad backwater stretch running through Ernakulam, Alapuzha and Kottayam. The Wellingdon island in this region is popular among the tourists, as it houses the Port of Cochin. Also, the village Kumarakom in Kottayam is a birdwatcher’s heaven. The third region is the Kannur-Valiyaparambu backwaters in the districts of Kannur and Kasargod.

Backwaters Of Alleppey

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Other Magical Destinations Nearby

While staying on the backwaters of Alleppey, one can explore a bunch of magical destinations nearby. Not visiting the solitary yet glorious Alleppey beach will be a total injustice to the backwaters trip. The beach has remains of a centuries’ old bridge. The bridge dates back to the time when Alleppey used to be one of Kerala’s major seaport. Other noteworthy destinations in the proximity of the backwaters are Mannarasala Temple, St. Mary’s Syro and Kuttanad.

Backwaters Of Alleppey

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The Snake-Boat Races

Not only are the backwaters known for their scenic beauty, but the world’s largest team sport, the snake boat race also takes place in this region. A snake-boat, locally known as chundan vallam, is a canoe-style boat with the front part raised like the head of a snake. The snake boat race is a popular monsoon festival in Kerala and draws audiences from all parts of India. A single snake boat is about 100 to 120 feet and carries nearly 100 rowers. This year the race had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kerala’s biggest temple festival, ‘Thrissur Pooram’ also did not happen this year.

Backwaters Of Alleppey

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Think mountains, oceans, caves, waterfalls, plateaus, gorges and deserts, India has almost everything. That’s why we suggest you to go #Vocalforlocal and choose Srinagar’s floating market over Bangkok’sAuli’s slopes over Alaska’sAndaman’s Radhanagar Beach over the Maldives , India Gate over Arc De Triomphe and Alleppey over Venice. On that note, know about the top 15 international travel experiences in India.