These Gorgeous Homestays Are The Perfect Escape From Loud Delhi Parties On New Year’s Eve

by Vidisha Khaitan
These Gorgeous Homestays Are The Perfect Escape From Loud Delhi Parties On New Year’s Eve

Move over hotels, homestays are the new holiday destination. New Year’s Eve calls for a break from Delhi life. Millennials are opting out of five-star properties for leisure vacations and choosing removed isolation. Who wants to be part of society on vacation, right? A survey says that over 50% of Indian travellers prefer homestays and villas over the hotel industry. No butlers, no service, no disturbance, just you and the simple life, like olden times in a manmade green patch with nothing but modern holiday attractions around. Millennials have found a way to experience top notch accommodation without a hole in their pockets. Are you looking to get in on the trend before the year ends? These unbelievable villas and homestays will change your travel goals for ever. If you’re more for luxury getaways, then we’ve got your back!

1. The Coral Tree

This gorgeous homestay is just a 6-minute walk from Taj Mahal. Spend New Year’s Eve in the reflection of a wonder of the world. A married couple runs this place together. They’re the sweetest hosts you’ll ever meet, willing to help you out with anything. The rooms are brightly furnished with a splash of colour in every corner. Little traditional articrafts decorate the whole place. It’s pleasant way to start the new year with chirping birds and chirpy people.

Where: Agra

Capacity: 2 guests

Price on New Year’s Eve: ₹3,000

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2. Prakriti Farms

This farm stay is 45 km ahead of Chandigarh. They have a variety of accommodation options tents and cottages for multiple groups of guests. They’re nestled in the Shivalik Foothills responsible for amazing weather. The sound of nature overpowers every corner of the property with Ropar wetlands just 10 minutes away. The unique part of your stay here would be an authentic country life experience. This is a working farm where daily activities like organic cultivation and wildlife conservation become educational experiences, specially for children. Turn this New Year’s Eve into a walk through nature. Hike trials are easily accessible here and the area is safe from the dangers of the wild.

Where: Rupnagar, near Rail Majra, Punjab

Capacity: 20-30 guests

Price on New Year’s Eve: ₹3,000-4,000

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3. Attractive room in bungalow for pleasant stay

This is our most unique suggestion because guests will be welcomed, wined and dined by Simran, the host. This is the quintessential homestay experience with the host living in the house. It’s a beautiful mansion with a pool, modern amenities and luxurious interiors. It’s everything you’d want on a getaway and then some. The host is very accommodating and makes her guests feel comfortable. A chef will customise your experience according to your tastes. All you have to carry is a change of clothes, if you like that is. Food and toiletries will all be taken care of at the property. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in a unique way this year.

Where: Agra

Capacity: 3 guests

Price on New Year’s Eve: ₹40,000

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4. Laksh Farms

If you think a countryside getaway is not possible for New Year’s Eve, we are here to prove you wrong. This place has 8 unique rooms, decked in different vibrant colours. Mango trees hang in the gardens and hike trails surround the area. The perfect New Year’s Eve getaway is a 30-minute drive from Chattarpur. It’s nestled in the Aravalli hills near Dhauji lake. Their motto is relax, rejuvenate and revitalise. You will enter the new year in new spirit after a night at this homestay.

Where: Village Mangar, Near Dhauj, Faridabad

Capacity: 16 guests

Price on New Year’s Eve: ₹15,000

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5. Utish: Jilling Terraces

If you want a homestay experience in the hills, this is the place for you. A couple hours away from Nainital, this beautiful hotel cum guesthouse is set in 100 acres of untouched forest. This is an 80-year-old Chestnut house was built by a Sanskrit scholar for his Polish wife. Today, it is managed by two house keepers. It offers suites and cottages. You can book all five rooms or just one and meet fellow travellers like yourself. Ending the year around a bonfire is bound to build lifelong relationships with strangers on New Year’s Eve!

Where: Bhatelia, Dhanachuli, Uttarakhand

Capacity: 10 guests

Price on New Year’s Eve: ₹17,000

new year's eve
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6. Villa Near National Forest& Bird Sanctuary

The villa is constructed in a traditional Rajasthani style. It will transport you to deep vacay zone in just 45 minutes from Delhi airport. What’s special is its location. It is only 3.7 km from Sultanpur Forest and Bird Sanctuary and 15 km from Najafgarh Bird sanctuary. Escape Delhi NCR pollution this New Year’s Eve and fill your lungs with the smell of… well, clean air for a change! The cleanest you can get in 45 minutes anyway. It creates room for interaction with nature and that’s all we city-dwellers crave. The bungalow offers laptop friendly workspaces with a caretaker and gardener for that extra touch of weekend getaway. Guests have reviewed the villa’s lack of cellular network as its best feature. No phone means more nature!

Where: Haryana

Capacity: 10 guests

Price on New Year’s Eve: ₹60,000

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7. SimBliss Farm

Have the most unique New Year’s Eve with the best of both worlds. Here guests can camp-out in the massive property and enjoy the wilderness feel. It is also an ultra-luxurious homestay with four bedrooms, two barbeque pits, pool, gazebo, fireplace and an in-house chef! Is there anything this weekend getaway doesn’t have? Located just ahead of Manesar, the resort has four bedrooms and fifteen beds that surround a central courtyard. The famous horse whisperers are close by making for the perfect opportunity to experience animal management. They’re always fully booked so make sure to book this life-changing workshop well in advance. If you can’t leave the city at all, here are 8 ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Delhi that does not include partying.

Where: Hasanpur

Capacity: 15 guests

Price on New Year’s Eve: ₹60,000

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8. Ivy Bridge Farm

This is the Queen of homestays for the best New Year’s Eve. You won’t believe the things it makes possible. Let’s start with the tree house. Yes! Tree house! We can’t wait to relive our childhood in the lap of nature. Speaking of nature, they have artificial rain! Of course, they have a swimming pool too. A weekend getaway at this place would mean breakfast at the fruit orchard then visiting the Bali style temple followed by a walk around the bamboo grove. In the evening we could play mini golf in the farmhouse and then fight over indoor games, finishing the night with 20 minutes in the cigar lounge. Oh, did we mention the walls are covered in art from around the world?

Where: Bhudka

Capacity: 16 guests

Price on New Year’s Eve: ₹70,000

New Year's Eve
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9. Malibu Town

New Year’s Eve deserves everything you’ve wanted all year. This three-storey villa covers 1000 square meters. It is fully furnished and encourages complete access to the community club’s pool, tennis court and restaurants. The property is bathed in sunlight. The first thought that comes to one’s mind here is comfort. Everything in the house has been handpicked for design that proves utility. All the furniture, fixtures and amenities were made to custom the comfort of its future guests, i.e. you! If you’re looking for new year getaway plans then check this out!

Where: Sector 47 Gurgaon

Capacity: 10 guests

Price on New Year’s Eve: ₹12,000

New Year's Eve
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10. Heritage Apt 3

Why take the pain of leaving the city when the best homestay sits in its centre? The fort facing luxury Airbnb is an idyllic New Year’s Eve getaway. It’s perfect for a romantic night out or just quality me time. The interiors are humble and homely with a touch of royal arches and designer walls. It creates the illusion of being in a place like no other, one you never thought could exist within Delhi. If it’s too hectic to plan a full-fledged trip on a one day off, go for this convenient option that won’t disappoint.

Where:  Hauz Khas Village, Delhi

Capacity: 2 guests

Price on New Year’s Eve: ₹5,500

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Homestays are ideal for solo travelling or family time for New Year’s Eve. Properties like these are nearby retreats that become affordable once split amongst a group of people. Nobody should spend New Year’s Eve in the city if they don’t want to. Getaways don’t always have to be far away. Opt for one that’s an hour away unless you have to time to drive down to Rajasthan or Uttarakhand. There’s something everywhere. If you want more recommendations, just comment below. Let us know which of these was the best one for you!