Here Are 8 Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Delhi That Does Not Include Partying

by Vidisha Khaitan
Here Are 8 Ways To Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Delhi That Does Not Include Partying

New Year’s Eve is a high-pressure situation. You have to have a plan and they must be perfect. It’s the main night for a big celebration. The whole world is in support of your hedonism, what better day to go all out, right? Wrong. Instead of big plans, you can just chill out. Lord knows 2021 was not easy. Treat yourself instead of worrying about plans and curfews. We have the perfect ways to end this year in new ways for the new year.

1. Bonfire at Tanku Point In Qutub Institutional Area

A long lane of dhabas that share a wall with a forest in the peak of Delhi winter is amazing. Add a little fire to the situation and we have the perfect New Year’s Eve plan in place. You and your closest kin with delicious spicy food on the last day of the year will remind you what really matters. Sitting and chatting around a humble bonfire surrounded by greenery will change your perspective of how New Year’s Eve is supposed to be. The dhabas serve with care. Get the lemon tea or traditional chai with overloaded makhan paranthe, dal makhani and crispy chilly potatoes.

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2. Karaoke Your Way To 2022

Ditch crowded parties of dancing and stay home for music instead. Sing away the ghosts of New Year’s Eve past. The good part is that everybody likes to get drunk on New Year’s Eve so embarrassment of singing will be at minimum. If you’re up for the challenge, then there are a couple of Karaoke parties in town, but we suggest skipping the traffic for a loud night in. A private bathroom concert is the way to go. It’ll be our little secret.

New Year's Eve
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3. Drive Down Rajpath

Go cliché for the last time this year. Head down India Gate for a desi style celebration of the ages. Time slows down when you visit your childhood memories of Lovely Chuski and local papad. The Rajpath looks stunning, clad in dazzling colours for insta-worthy farewell moments.

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New Year's Eve
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4. End 2021 With The Food Crawl You’ve Been Missing All Year

Start your 31st early! Head to Chandni Chowk for a quintessential food walk from jalebi wala to Daulat ki chaat. Bring back some naan khatayi for us. While some time away shopping until you’re ready for Jama Masjid delights. Rogan Josh will give you the satisfaction you’ve been missing all year. Wait, we’re not done. Take the trip to Dilli Haat for the final chapter of 2019. The place is lit on New Year’s Eve with everything packed in one place. Hop from cuisine to cuisine and don’t leave anything behind in 2020. After the long day of food crawl and shopping haul, bed is all you’ll want by midnight. There’s no shame and wishing everyone a happy new year when the sun is bright and shiny.

New Year's Eve
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5. Catch A Breath At Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

Leave the metropolis without leaving it. Drive to Surajkund and spend the last day of 2021 in the lap of nature within the vicinity of Delhi. The sanctity of the sanctuary will leave you stunned. It is home to 80 species of butterflies, 193 species of birds and 100s of kinds of insects. Reptiles, leopards, blackbucks, covers, jackals, civets and blue bulls, all thrive at the Southern Ridge of the Aravalli Range. This retreat will help you carry the peace and positivity of fresh air from New Year’s Eve to the new year.

6. Start 2022 With A Clean Discovery Checklist

Check off your Delhi bucket list before the year ends. Spend all day discovering the city. Go to the places that you’ve always wanted to but can never prioritize, now is the time, kal ho na ho! Go to the toilet museum and train museum so you can enter 2020 relieved and without baggage. Head to the planetarium and be dazzled by all the stars you can’t see in the Delhi skies. Another obvious attraction we never go to is the Musical Fountain Show at Akshardham. Then you can proudly say in 2020, you know your city.

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7. Private Suite Within Delhi

We all tend to forget how many amazing beautiful serene properties stand tall in the capital territory. The perfect getaways are literally staring us in our faces and yet, we crib we don’t have time for luxury because of long travels. This New Year’s Eve, break the rut. Pick a property inside Delhi NCR and pretend as if you’re isolated from the entire world. Go alone, by yourself, and just spend one night doing nothing except what you like. We’ll give you one more reason to do this if self-love isn’t enough to convince you. Most hotels host New Year’s Eve parties which are free for guests! You can drop by, eat and drink and pity the party people before climbing back into your peaceful cocoon. Nobody dare question you on New Year’s Eve.

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8. Mix Fun And Social Cause With Salaam Baalak Trust Walk

Give back to society and have a great time doing so! The NGO Salaam Baalak Trust organizes guided city walks by children who used to live on the streets before joining them. They are looking to improve their communication skills. You will get to hear the stories of struggle and see the world through their eyes. This will be an experience you never forget. Take something forward from 2019 worth keeping your whole life.

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Things that are cliché all year round are classified as offbeat on New Year’s Eve. Raging parties is so 2019. Do something you never thought you would. Go crazy, be wild, it’s your last chance to make this year worthwhile. Shame is not a concept and alone time is aspirational. Humble bonfires and banging karaoke night, whatever you choose, it better not be something you’ve done before!