10 Best Dal Makhani Places In Delhi For The Real North Indian Experience In 2020

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 392

We can eat all the cuisines in the world but what we really need is Dal Makhani. We accept it okay? There is nothing like desi food and Dal Makhani is as good as it gets in North India. It is not the hero we want but the hero we need. All you people who are not from here, you don’t know what Dal Makhani is unless you’ve been to the Northern part of the country. So, please do yourselves a favour and flock to Delhi because we have prepared your guide to the best Dal Makhani places.

1. Bukhara

Best Dal Makhani Places

Picture Credit: ITChotels

Their Dal Makhani gained so much fame that ‘dal bukhara’ literally bloomed into a type of dal makhana across Delhi NCR! The best Dal Makhani places take to Bukhara as the golden standard of Dal. The portions are small and numbers are big but, the experience is one of a kind.

Where is it: ITC Maurya

2. Gulati

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Another relic, Gulati’s is just as famous for being among the best Dal Makhani places as the best Butter Chicken places. Going here even in the middle of the night will make you feel like it’s 7 pm. It’s the night owl’s saviour for 3 am hunger pangs. The food here is like none other.

Where is it: Pandara Road

3. Moti Mahal

Best Dal Makhani Places

Picture Credit: Jai Vaishno Rasoi

The chain has been around for the longest time and for good reason. It’s a safe bet to go here because it guarantees a good experience. Their dal is the perfect balance between spicy and light. Just be prepared for overeating!

Where is it: Multiple locations

4. Dilli BC

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This restaurant opened another branch in Dwarka after overwhelming demand in south Delhi. Their portions are large but, not too large. While you’re there, order their creamy tandoori appetizers too. There’s no way you’re leaving after just one naan.

Where is it: Multiple locations

5. Deepak Vaishno Dhaba

Best Dal Makhani Place

Picture Credit: Jai Vaishno Rasoi

This is a hygienic vegetarian outdoor space and makes for one of the best Dal Makhani places. It has that ghar ka khaana feel which is irreplaceable. Their affordable prices motivate customers to return, specially those who live away from home.

Where is it: Jail Road

6. Desi Vibes

Picture Credit: Zomato

Their name is not just representative of their décor. The best Dal Makhani places have creamy spicy black dal. This place has tadka, tomatoes and garlic! It is truly desi by heart, soul and chef. The Chowki Dhaani vibe takes this little café a long way.

Where is it: Noida

7. Kainoosh

Best Dal Makhani Places

Picture Credit: Wikimedia Commons

They’re famous for their amazing crowd and location, all the wrong reasons in our hungry opinion. They definitely make it to the best Dal Makhani places and that’s what they should be famous for. Another thing to eat here is Chilli Chicken Dry.

Where is it: Vasant Kunj

8. Kake Di Hatti

Best Dal Makhani Places

Picture Credit: Zomato

We have landed at Chandni Chowk. The Dal Makhani here is best enjoyed with their alien-sized naans. They’re so huge, we promise you won’t be able to get to the last bite. You won’t want to either. There is so much butter in this dal, you’d have eaten enough calories worth 3 days. Doesn’t that sound delicious!

Where is it: Khari Baoli

9. Zaffran

Picture Credit: Zomato

The best Dal Makhani places will make you fall in love with the delicacy all over again. Even though our love affair never halted, we renewed our vows with Dal Makhani at Zaffran. They have managed to master the Mughlai flavours to concoct the most ‘Dilli’ Dal Makhani.

Where is it: Connaught Place

10. Beliram Degchiwala

Picture Credit: Zomato

While they have a great dine in, they are even better in delivery. Their Dal Makhani arrives piping hot and bursting with flavor whenever we order. Their kitchen is all about spice and love. We realized a long time ago that we don’t need anything else.

Where is it: Multiple locations

The best Dal Makhani places never wash their kadhai. That might sound disgusting but, wait till you put it in your mouth. The flavour is built over years and the kadhais are kept in clean places to maintain hygiene. No food crawl in Delhi is complete without the quintessential north Indian’s lifeline. We don’t even know how you’re still reading this; if we were you, we would have already started eating.

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