Get Quality Family Time This New Year’s Eve Away From Delhi’s Hustle At These Gorgeous Getaways!

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 912

New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be parties and ragers and friends. Your perfect New Year’s Eve could be one that you spend away from the city with your family. This could be the family you were born into or the one you chose. Start your new year with family at the best getaways near Delhi for New Year’s Eve. There’s a different kind of holiday for every family. Pick one that suits your family’s personality the best.

1. Adventure sports @ Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar is a hill station in Uttarakhand, 346 kms from Delhi with a spectacular view of the Nanda Devi in Himalayas. It’s perfect for a family getaway for New Year’s Eve with the Mukteshwar temple and adventure sports being the two major attractions. Thrilling activities like rappelling and rock climbing will fill you on the adrenaline rush you so desperately crave.

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2. Lazy luxury @ The Tree House Resort

Embrace top notch luxury in the pink city this New Year’s Eve. Leisure has never been so raw and rustic. This place is 230 km from Delhi with a view of greenery galore everywhere you look. Tree trunks go through your room for a unique experience. You won’t have to entertain children because the property’s design will take care of that. Meanwhile you can unwind inside the illusion of a forest. The resort also offers camel safaris for family tours. It has the viral trendy infinity pool that has become a must for every Instagram feed now. Their peacock bar is great for spending time with your favourite person after everybody goes to sleep or have a big party with your cousins!

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3. Ganga snaan @ Hastinapur

This place is famous as the ‘seat of the pandavas’ on the banks of river Ganga. Did you know Varanasi authorities will issue a fine of Rs 50,000 for dumping waste in Ganga? It’s an ancient town in Uttar Pradesh which was the center of the Indian epoch, The Mahabharata. It’s also an important pilgrim place for Jains as Jain Teerthankara was born there. Ashtapad and Jambudweep Jain Tirth will prove to be beautiful visits on your trip. It also has a wildlife sanctuary for the nature lovers. Religious families can spend New Year’s Eve with the blessings of Almighty at Hastinapur.

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4. Beautiful views @ Almora

This hill station in Uttarakhand is shaped like a horse shoe! They say Uttarakhand has the potential to leave Switzerland behind. It’s 360 km away from Delhi with great air quality waiting for you. This place is a lesser known heaven on earth. Spend New Year’s Eve with sparse crowds and beautiful views from the top of the world. Zero Point in Almora boasts of the view of Kedarnath, Shivling, Trishul and Nanda Devi without your feet moving an inch. The peace and quiet your family has been waiting for all year is just a few hours away from Delhi.

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5. Explore the lands @ Deeg

Deeg is a small little town so very close to Bharatpur, Rajasthan. It’s paradise 196 km from Delhi’s commotion. It used to serve as a summer resort for the royal family, now it’s New Year’s Eve getaway-perfect. One must explore the famous Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary when at Deeg. This tiny town has Havelis, forts and a whole culture waiting to be discovered by wandering hearts. This is a perfect family trip for exploring new lands with minimum effort.

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6. Bonding time @ Fatehpur Sikri

A bus ride away, this is the perfect destination for Hum Saath Saath Hai vibes. Make it a day trip or stay for leisure. This place will give you plenty of opportunity to bond with your relatives or rekindle old relationships. The 16th century city is all red sandstone and blue skies. There’s a lot of history packed into every corner. Sit along the ridges of the fort and talk all day. Use the open spaces for playing silly outdoor games. The best kind of family time is to play competitive antaakshari. Passersby won’t mind, in fact, don’t be surprised if they join in the family drama!

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7. Royal trip @ Gwalior

Gwalior fort is a sight to see. This historic city in Madhya Pradesh is a haven of palaces and monuments, 329 km from Delhi. Just being in the city makes you feel like royalty. Make sure to stay at Neemrana’s Deo Bagh for max royal feels. We all know how much Delhi loves its own Neemrana. New Year’s Eve with family is the perfect time to splurge. If you can manage the off days, go a few days earlier and catch the legendary Tansen Music festival from 21st-26th December.

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8. Nature nirvana @ Naukuchiatal

This is a lake village in Uttarakhand, 300 km from Delhi. Naukuchiatal is famous for being a unique 9-cornered lake! The lake goes up to 1 km in length and is 40 m deep. It holds many secrets in the waters. Folklore has spun interesting tales of people looking for nirvana at the lake. If a person was to catch even a fleeting glimpse of all 9 corners at the same time with both feet on Earth, it is believed that person will disappear into smoke. This mystical town is close to Nainital for some mall road entertainment for New Year’s Eve if you like.

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These 8 destinations near Delhi are perfect for family trips for New Year’s Eve. Minimum effort, maximum fun and a budget for everyone. You can customize your stay with packages that suit you best. If you need any more help with your next getaway, comment below and we’ll do a piece on your suggestions for New Year’s Eve!

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