Skip To One Of These Luxury Resorts Near Delhi For An Unforgettable New Year’s Eve

by Vidisha Khaitan
Skip To One Of These Luxury Resorts Near Delhi For An Unforgettable New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve in Delhi is not how Delhiites do it. Leave the city and escape to paradise. We’ll tell you which one is worth your time. Whoever said hell is on earth and heaven never lived here; just hasn’t been to any of these luxury resorts near Delhi. Have the best last day of 2019 at these getaways. If you’re looking for family time instead of just luxury, check out these gorgeous getaways. There’s something for every weather – we’re talking mood not rain. These 11 luxury 5-star resorts and hotels will leave you drooling for vacation this December. Start 2020 in the best way possible, surrounded by all that glitter that just might be gold.

1. The Oberoi Sukhvilas Resort & Spa, Chandigarh

At the edge of Chandigarh sits Delhi’s best chance at imperial grandiose. Every strand of grass is equal in the courtyards leading to the entry. Ornamental arches peer over every nook in pale kingly calm. Sukhvilas will bring you every happiness that has eluded you all year and serve it on a silver plate with flowers for garnish. Ayurveda master Ram Kumar heads the 12,000sq ft spa for renewed traditions. Head chef Simran Singh Thapar has reinvented Punjabi food for the modern elite. There’s no room for second thoughts if what you want this New Year’s Eve is to unravel in the most lavish fashion hoping for just as lavish a new year.

Starting at: ₹28,000

Tariff for New Year’s Eve: ₹35,400

New Year's Eve
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2. Rajasthali Resort & Spa, Delhi – Jaipur Expressway

This is the most unique 5-star resort on this list. Their tent rooms have a hookah lounge themed sitting inside. The bathrooms are a mix of royal deep tubs and cloth for walls. They welcome guests with a big ceremony in typical Rajasthan hospitality fashion and the vibe never ends. You can leave Rajasthali once it’s time to head back to real life, but Rajasthali will never leave you. They organise big groups really well in case you want to turn this New Year’s Eve to a big fam jam bam!

Starting at: ₹7,000

Tariff for New Year’s Eve: ₹40,000

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3. The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra

The world crosses 7 seas for a glimpse of Taj Mahal. For Delhi, it’s a New Year’s Eve getaway. This 6-star property is one of the best luxury resorts near Delhi and surely any traveller’s fantasy. All the rooms have the view of Taj Mahal. This is the most expensive property in Agra. It defines opulence and grace. Private terraces and bathrooms also show the spectacular sights. Royalty dine on its roofs when an orange sun fills the sky around white eminence. Amarvilas gardens create a unique view from balconies adding to Taj Mahal’s glory.

Starting at: ₹60,000

Tariff for New Year’s Eve: ₹98,000

New Year's Eve
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4. Chokhi Dhani Resort, Jaipur

Royal cottages and luxury suites are not the main attraction here. Among the best luxury resorts near Delhi, this resort is a portal to traditional Rajasthani culture. They have left no stone unturned to create an entire mock village with every fascinating detail of history is not only captured but also practiced. From Padmaavat fame ghoomar dance to puppet shows, there’s a scene for every mood. Our favourite part of the resort are the little tree huts where Rajasthani aunties make fresh butter, garlic chutney and bajre ki rotis for those who can find her. This stay in the pink city, Jaipur will be a New Year’s Eve that never fades.

Starting at: ₹6,700

Tariff for New Year’s Eve: ₹20,000

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5. Camp Aquaforest, Rishikesh

This 5-star camping site is perfect for luxury adventure (no that’s not an oxymoron!). Can’t go camping because children make it difficult or bae is too fancy? We won’t let anything come in the way of your next adventure. Bae can sunbathe all day if they like, but you’re going rafting! The beautiful tents give an exclusive feel to modern comforts and trendy interiors. No excuses anymore! The best part about going on New Year’s Eve is that you can expect empty shores due to low season at camping sites.

Starting at: ₹2,900

Tariff for New Year’s Eve: ₹4,000

Image Credit: Camping Rafting Packages Rishikesh

6. The Tree House Resort, Jaipur

Embrace top notch luxury in Jaipur this New Year’s Eve at one of the best luxury resorts near Delhi. Leisure has never been so raw and rustic. This place is 230 km from Delhi with a view of greenery galore everywhere you look. Tree trunks go through your room for a unique experience. You won’t have to entertain children because the property’s design will take care of that. Meanwhile you can unwind inside the illusion of a forest. The resort also offers camel safaris for family tours. It has the viral trendy infinity pool that has become a must for every Instagram feed now. Their peacock bar is great for spending time with your favourite person after everybody goes to sleep or have a big party with your cousins!

Starting at: ₹15,000

Tariff for New Year’s Eve: ₹38,000

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luxury resorts near Delhi
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7. Neemrana Fort Palace, Neemrana

Delhi’s all-time favourite getaway is perfect for a royal and peaceful New Year’s Eve. One of the best luxury resorts near Delhi is a 15th-century fort was converted into a luxury palace for anyone with some time to spare. A 6-acre hill is the perfect escape from the Delhi pollution. This magical retreat is built into 14 layers that are tiered into the hill with 7 independent palace wings. It would take you all day just to cover the whole place! If you’re sick of New Year’s Eve traffic in the big city, run off to these New Year’s Eve getaways instead.

Starting at: ₹7,700

Tariff for New Year’s Eve: 15,800

luxury resorts near Delhi
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8. ITC Grand Bharat, Gurgaon

The spa and wellness center at this ultra-luxe property will send you into the new year with energy you haven’t felt since you were 5. Ayurvedic detox and Swasthya cuisine is just the cherry on top of a very big cake with a lot of layers. Every guest is treated like the queen you’re meant to be. Every spot is insta-perfect. Every alley is an escape from reality. If you’re looking for luxury resorts near Delhi, look no further.

Starting at: ₹25,000

Tariff for New Year’s Eve: ₹32,500

luxury resorts near Delhi
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9. The Westin Sohna Resort, Sohna

This place has been on every top list for luxury resorts near Delhi ever since it opened. The place is huge and perfect for families. They’ve got retail therapy, a Kids’ Club and loads of privacy for alone time. The spa serves Thai, Balinese, Chinese, and Ayurveda massages. The rooms are cottages, separated by yards and yards of lush green garden. They make you feel like you’re the only person in the whole world with room service at your fingertips! If even Sohna is too far for your friends to let you get away on New Year’s Eve, don’t cave in to loud parties, do this instead.

Starting at: ₹11,000

Tariff for New Year’s Eve: ₹38,000

luxury resorts near Delhi
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10. The Taj Gateway Resort Damdama Lake, Gurgaon

Damdama Lake is Delhi’s saving grace in pollution season. The idyllic escape is a natural lake and reservoir, away from city life. It proves to be a serene seclusion from the big city hustle. As one of the best luxury resorts near Delhi, they’re making the best of the existing landscape and call themselves a nature inspired sanctuary for the urban nomad. New Year’s Eve spent in 20 acres of Aravalli hills sounds like the perfect plan to us.

Starting at: ₹6,700

Tariff for New Year’s Eve: ₹35,300

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11. Karma Lakelands, Haryana

This is a golf course resort on the outskirts of Delhi NCR. They advocate for luxury living keeping responsibility to the environment in mind. Over 2,00,000 trees and plants manage this goal for the 300-acre property. Go for a guilt-free New Year’s Eve by funding after harvesting, organic agro initiatives and solar energy with the money you spend on the last day of the year. This resort pledges zero plastic, eco-bricks, tree top developments and 500,000 litres of sewage treatment for daily irrigation purposes.

Starting at: ₹5,500

Tariff for New Year’s Eve: ₹23,000

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luxury resorts near Delhi
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One night at any of these places will change how you feel about the year ending. If you’re glad about its end, remember your stay will end too. If you’re sad about its end, you’ll be happier coming out of a paid paradise. Just book before you sit back and relax because people are beating you to the click.