10 Romantic Destinations Near Bangalore To Go With Bae this Valentine’s Day

by Sanjana Shenoy
10 Romantic Destinations Near Bangalore To Go With Bae this Valentine’s Day

If you and your bae often have squabbles about not spending enough quality time together, then maybe its time you escape from it all. Yes! You can just drive away from the bustling city of Bangalore, to a lovely secluded getaway and spend some romantic time together. From opting for a couple-spa, exploring a new destination, trying out adventure activities, gorging on local cuisines and even experiencing a romantic dinner together can just add that extra sparkle to your relationship. So we have a list of romantic destinations near Bangalore to go with bae with Valentine’s Day so you can truly have a lovely second honeymoon together this February.

1. Romantic Time in Bheemeshwari

Drive down only 9 km from Bangalore city to visit Karnataka’s quaint fishing town of Bheemeshwari. This tranquil town is a wonderful getaway from Bangalore as it brings you close to nature. When you’re here, do soak in the natural beauty of the abundant flora and fauna here. The exotic wildlife which includes, leopards, jackals, wild boars, crocodiles will give you and your bae an adventurous experience of a lifetime. You can go on exhilarating adventure camps, bird watching, fishing or even trekking up the hills. So have a romantic time together with the perfect blend of seclusion and adventure at Bheemeshwari this Valentine’s Day.

Places To Stay: El Cielo Hotel In Banaswadi ( ₹1376 approx per night), Mayflower Blue Bell( ₹1696 approx per night) and Bloom Boutique ( ₹4249 approx per night)

Romantic New years Getaways from Bangalore, bheemeshwari
Picture Credits: junglelodges.com

2. Spectacular Getaway At Grover Vineyard in Nandi Hills

Let’s admit the perfect romantic experience includes a spectacular glass of wine. So why purchase a bottle from your nearby liquor store, when you can have the best of it just 43km from the city! The Grover Vineyard in Nandi Hills is one of the most romantic New Year’s getaways from Bangalore. From taking a leisure stroll along the expansive vineyards with your bae, stomping the grapes with your feet, having an exquisite wine tasting session to clicking romantic pictures together, there are tons of fun things you can do here this Valentine’s Day.

Places To Stay: Hotel Mayura Pine Top( ₹1680 approx per night), Mount Palazzo ( ₹1703 approx per night), and Aura  ( ₹6030 approx per night)

romantic new year's getaways from bangalore, grover vineyards
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3. Beach Valentine’s Day At Maravanthe

If you and your beloved are unabashed water babies, then it’s time to swim in love this New Year. Head to the beautiful beach town of Marvanthe around 9 hours away from Bangalore. Maravanthe is known for its gorgeous beaches and water activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. When you’re here with your bae, you can gorge on delicious fresh seafood delicacies, explore the little Padukone village, trek up the Kodachadri hills to experience the blissful sunset or just lie down on the white sands of the Maravanthe Beaches having endless conversations with your bae. This is one of the most romantic V-Day getaways from Bangalore, which you must explore.

Places To Stay: Sahana Orchid Hotels ( ₹1571 approx per night), UVA Meridian BayResort & Spa ( ₹2703 approx per night), and Sai Vishram Beach Resort  ( ₹7771 approx per night)

romantic new years getaways from bangalore, marvanthe
Picture Credits: thrillophilia

4. Another Honeymoon In Hampi

Why should you experience just one honeymoon in your life? Make some room to squeeze in another honeymoon in Hampi this New Year. Hampi houses the majestic ruins of the Vijaynagara kingdom. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage that must be on your bucket list. Reside in a quaint homestay on the Hippie Island with your beloved, laze on the hammocks, have a candlelight dinner, rent a scooter and explore the ruins during the day time. There are a plethora of things you can experience here in Hampi. And this is definitely one of the most romantic getaways from Bangalore away from the hustle-bustle of the city.

Places To Stay: Sunny Guesthouse Hampi Island ( ₹1370 approx per night), Thilak Homestay ( ₹1792 approx per night), and Mowgli Guesthouse ( ₹2425 approx per night)

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5. Romance In Masinagudi

Tamil Nadu’s Masinagudi is situated in the Madumalai region. It’s known for its lush green tea plantations. Situated around 500 km from Bangalore, Masinagudi is a place where you can get the best of a hill station and a wildlife sanctuary experience. Indulge in activities like trekking and bird watching with your partner. And you can even go on a jungle safari to spot animals like elephants, flying squirrel, sambar, snakes and reptiles. The lush greenery and quiet environment makes it a great getaway from Bangalore.

Places To Stay: The Nest Inn Resort Masinagudi ( ₹1902 approx per night), Midway Jungle Resort ( ₹2678 approx per night), and Leopard Rock Wilderness Resort( ₹3545 approx per night)

romantic new year's getaways from bangalore, masinagudi
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6. Fun Valentine’s Day Getaway At Sakleshpur

Around 220 km from Bangalore, Saleshpur is well known for its picturesque views of the mountains and its plethora of adventure activities. This hill station has tea, coffee and spice plantations, which you can explore with your bae. Sakleshpur is famous for its iconic star-shaped Manjarabad Fort, which was built in the 18th century. You can get stunning views of the mountains or even trek into the biodiverse Bisle Reserve Forest and spot exotic animals and birds. If you’re an adventure fanatic then challenge yourself this New Year by trying out ziplining, rock climbing, swimming and trekking here. It’s one of the most romantic destinations near Bangalore which every thrill-seeking couple must visit.

Places To Stay: Coffee Bean Villa Sakleshpur ( ₹1236 approx per night), Rainbird Homestay ( ₹1705 approx per night), and Coffee Castle Villa ( ₹3228 approx per night)

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7. Beach Romance In Gokarna

Have a slow, relaxed holiday with your beloved this Valentine’s Day by visiting the pristine beach town of Gokarna, around 480 km away from Bangalore. The white sandy beaches, emerald waters and pristine natural beauty of tall coconut trees makes this a paradise-on-earth kind of experience. Apart from the palm clad beaches like the Om Beach, Paradise Beach and Half Moon Beach, do visit the beautiful temples here. The Maha Ganapathi Temple and Sri Mahableshwara Swamy temple are some of the must-visit shrines here, often frequented by Hindu pilgrims. Reside at a lovely beach resort and immerse yourself in a relaxing beach experience here this Valentine’s Day. Check Out Why You Should Choose Gokarna Over Goa For Your Next Holiday

Places To Stay: Gokarna International Beach Resort ( ₹2370 approx per night), Lotus Beach Resort( ₹2798 approx per night), and Kudle Beach View Resort & Spa ( ₹4963 approx per night)

romantic new years getaways from bangalore, gokarna
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8. Coffee With Bae At Chikmagalur

Chikmagalur is popularly known as the ‘Coffee Land of Karnataka’. This hill station is nestled away in the foothills of the Mullayangiri Range at an altitude of 3400 feet around 6 hours away from Bangalore. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, expansive coffee estates, green mountains, lush forests just makes Chikmagalur one of the most romantic destinations near Bangalore to go with bae for Valentine’s Day. When you’re here take a romantic stroll along the coffee plantations, reside at a cosy homestay within the estate and even go for treks like the Baba Budangiri trek and the Kemmanagundi trek. Professional trekkers can go for a challenging trek to Mullayangiri, which is the highest peak in all of Karnataka.

Places To Stay: Lotus Boutique Hotel ( ₹2105 approx per night), Chikkamane Homestay( ₹3360 approx per night), and Holiday Inn Home ( ₹3507 approx per night)

9. Breezy Getaway At Hogenakkal

You must have heard of the popular Hogennakkal waterfalls located in Tamil Nadu. This breathtaking waterfall is around 180 km away from Bangalore, and is often referred to as the ‘Niagara Falls of India’. When you’re here you can go for a fun coracle (basket boat) ride, special oil massage by the locals and gorge on freshwater fish dishes. Hogenakkal Waterfall is the place where the Kaveri river splits into multiple streams of waterfalls and makes it a sight to behold. It’s a lovely place to spend a romantic time with your loved one.

Places To Stay: CM Hotel( ₹2015 approx per night), Arupadaiyappan Cottage( ₹1945 approx per night) and AS Cottage( ₹3121 approx per night)

romantic new year's getaways from bangalore, hogenakkal falls
Picture Credits: townscript.com

10. New Year In Wayanad

The South Indian state of Kerala has emerged as a top trending destination globally. Its tourist-friendly initiatives, picturesque landscape, delicious cuisine, emerald backwaters, abundant wildlife, and whatnot has made it a much visit destination for everyone in the country. So this Valentine’s Day, visit Wayanad in Kerala which is around 277 km away from Bangalore. Wayanad is known for its exotic variety of flora and fauna. It’s located amidst the serene hills of the Western Ghats. You can have an adventurous time going on a jungle safari to the National Parks in Wayanad and even exploring the historical caves and waterfalls here. This is one of the most romantic destinations near Bangalore that must be on your travel list this Valentine’s Day. You can also Experience An Into The Wild Stay At Wayanad Wild Jungle Resort

Places To Stay: CM Hotel( ₹2015 approx per night), Arupadaiyappan Cottage( ₹1945 approx per night) and AS Cottage( ₹3121 approx per night)

So these are some of the most romantic destinations near Bangalore, that you must visit with your spouse this Valentine’s Day. Spark the romance and escape from the chaos of the city to the beautiful beaches, hills and lush forests just hours away from Bangalore.