Angry Woman Slams 4 Computers To The Ground At Mexico Airport Over Refund Refusal; Arrested

by Tooba Shaikh
Angry Woman Slams 4 Computers To The Ground At Mexico Airport Over Refund Refusal; Arrested

It can be infuriating if things don’t go as planned especially on a trip. However, this particular person had the most violent reaction. Recently, a woman at the Mexico City International Airport slammed computers and other equipment to the ground in an angry rampage. She was also heard hurling abuses at employees. A video shot on camera recently went viral on social media. Here are all the details about the incident.

Angry Woman Slams Computers To The Ground At Mexico Airport

This particular incident was reported on the 5th of July when a video of the woman posted by an independent journalist on the Twitter handle @fmnews went viral. The video showed an angry woman yelling and breaking equipment at the international airport in Mexico City.

The woman was identified as Maria Guadalupe who is 56 years old. According to many reports, she booked her journey through a travel agent and when she got to the airport, her reservations with Volaris airline were missing.

When she asked for a refund, the Volaris employee asked her to contact the travel agent through whom she had booked her tickets for further guidance. This triggered the woman’s outburst and she went on a rampage, smashing all the equipment that she could lay her hands on.

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4 Computers And 4 Barcode Scanners Smashed

The video shows her standing on the baggage scale slamming monitors and barcode scanners to the ground. She managed to damage four monitors and four hand-held barcode scanners. She was also heard yelling obscenities in Spanish.

She yelled that if the airline refuses to compensate, then she would make them pay in other ways, while smashing expensive equipment. Another employee had to escort the woman away from the ticket counter.

The auxiliary police caught hold of the woman just as she was about to exit the airport. According to reports, she will be penalised for her violent outburst. Since it was first posted, the video has garnered more than seven thousand views.

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Cover Image Credits: @fmnews/Twitter