Anupam Kher Confesses How His PT Teacher In School Demolished His Confidence | Curly Tales

by Sanmita A
Anupam Kher Confesses How His PT Teacher In School Demolished His Confidence | Curly Tales

Childhood memories leave a profound impact, and actor Anupam Kher shares one of his childhood memories from his school days. In the Sunday Brunch of Curly Tales, Editor-In-Chief Kamiya Jani is joined by Anupam Kher and Neena Gupta. The duo from Uunchai share their initial days in Mumbai, their struggles, and savour varied delicacies for their Sunday Brunch with Kamiya Jani. Take a look.

Anupam Kher In School

Anupam Kher talks about his autobiography. He says, “I grew up and was born in a small town. And we were from the lower middle class. I was very bad at my studies, I never got more than 38% per cent marks. And I was not very good at sports also. Means I was okay. But one of my PT teacher in the 8th standard, demolished my confidence. I was running in the school ground. He said ruk jaa, even if you run alone you will come second. It was funny, but I at least got a story to tell you. And, then when I saw an ad of a drama school in Chandigarh, then I ran away from home and stole ₹100 from my mother’s temple. And I went without telling them. Toh raath ko aaye, toh humare ghar mein police aayi hui thi. They were looking for the money. Mere baare mein pareshaani nahi thi unko.”

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What Drives The Uunchai Actor?

Anupam Kher

As Anupam Kher and Kamiya Jani engage in conversations on various stages of his life. A few of his talks resonates and he speaks of how one has to be a go-getter. He says, “What you need is the madness that I am going to make it. My optimism made me.” They talk about the times in the 80s when having hair on the head, was more important than talent. He speaks of the body image in Bollywood and how he makes it all through it due to his optimism alone.

Well, this Sunday Brunch is a mixed bag of funny talk, inspirational stories and a lot of hope for the newbies to land in Mumbai. Do not miss out on it & head to our YouTube channel to watch the episode.

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