Application Process, Fees & More; Here’s How Emiratis Can Apply For Visit Visa To Turkey

by Deeplata Garde
Application Process, Fees & More; Here’s How Emiratis Can Apply For Visit Visa To Turkey

Planning to fly between Dubai and Turkey? Well, the shortest flight between these two destinations is only 3 hrs 45 mins. So if you want to take this flight let’s first learn details about the visit visa for Turkey from Dubai. The application process, documents, cost and more; Here’s a detailed guide you would need to understand more about this visa.

Turkey Visit Visa & How To Apply For It From Dubai

Turkey Visit Visa
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If you are a UAE citizen, you can certainly apply for this Turkish visit visa and have the time of your life in the beautiful country. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and other nations’ citizens can visit Turkey electronically using an eVisa for either leisure or business purposes. With the help of this system, travellers visiting Turkey may quickly and conveniently apply for their e-Visas online at the official website. Visas are not required for UAE travellers with official passports for up to 90 days. For entry into Turkey, regular passport holders need a visa. On the website, regular passport holders can apply for three-month term multiple entry e-Visas.

So what’s left? Only applying for a visa right? Let’s dive right into the process of application.

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A 2-step Application Process & Documents

Turkey Visit Visa
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  1. Visit the official website
    Select The Country(United Arab Emirates)
    Fill out the security verification
    Save And Continue
  2. Select The Date Of Arrival In Turkiye
    Upload The Documents
    Pay The Mentioned Amount (credit preferably)

Have a blast in Turkey!

Let’s talk about the documents now.

  1. Original passport (6 months validity)
  2. One Clear Passport size photo
  3. No Objection Certificate If Going through a sponsorship
  4. Round trip flight ticket copy
  5. Last three months’ bank statements & salary certificate

The normal fee for Emiratis to apply for Turkey Visit Visa is Dhs 765 according to the pdf provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Türkiye. This amount is for applying for a single entry visa. You must submit an application for a residency permit at your neighbourhood police station if you want to remain longer than the validity period. You are in charge of making sure you don’t overstay your visa.

So make sure you follow all these guidelines before applying for a Turkey visa from UAE.

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