Are Frozen Peas Better Than Fresh Peas? Know Which One Is Healthier For You And Why!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Are Frozen Peas Better Than Fresh Peas? Know Which One Is Healthier For You And Why!

We have all been taught by our parents, teachers, and other elders that we must always eat our vegetables fresh! But with changing times came the concept of frozen vegetables, which are super convenient and help us get access to the veggies all year round. But are they healthier? Fresh peas or frozen peas—what should be our choice when it comes to picking one? Keep reading to get your answer. 

Are Frozen Peas Better Than Fresh Peas?

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Wondering whether to choose fresh peas or frozen ones? The answer might shock you, as experts say that frozen peas are much healthier than fresh peas. 

Green peas are a nutritious powerhouse; according to the USDA, 100 grams of green peas include 66 percent of your daily value for vitamin C, 8 percent for iron, 10 percent for vitamin B6, and 10 percent for protein.

Within a day or two of harvest, fresh peas lose the majority of their nutrition. But the same peas maintain the necessary vitamins and minerals when frozen. 

Fresh peas are typically harvested at an early stage in order to be transported to the market. These are kept young and are difficult to digest as a result. The overall metabolism of the body may be further hampered because of it. 

Fresh ones can only be stored for three to four days. In contrast, frozen ones, when properly maintained, last for almost six to eight months and are also available throughout the year!

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Purchase And Store Right

Credits: Canva

With advantages come some disadvantages as well. But they can be taken care of! Frozen peas are quickly perishable if not stored properly. To maximise the healthiness of the peas, you must be especially careful with how you keep them.

Preservatives are frequently used in the frozen peas sold in grocery shops, which can make them excessively starchy and less healthy. They must be defrosted just before being added to your dish, as they may cause a number of digestive problems if not defrosted properly. 

It can be concluded that frozen peas are always preferable to fresh ones, provided they are purchased from a good source and stored correctly. 

Also, one should completely defrost them before making them a part of any recipe. You may either blanch them in hot water or microwave them for a while. Additionally, this will remove some of the additional preservatives. (As per NDTV Food)

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