Are You Fasting This Navratri? Check Out These 9 Classic Recipes You Must Try!

by Curly Tales Desk
Are You Fasting This Navratri? Check Out These 9 Classic Recipes You Must Try!

A nine-day festival that honours Goddess Durga, Navratri comes twice every year. The first one is known as Chaitra Navratri and it started on 22nd March this year. This special festival of devotion will end on 30th March. Along with a lot of praying to Goddess Durga and thanking her for all the blessings, the festival revolves around 9 days of fasting where devotees give up a lot of foods like onions, garlic, and wheat. Eating in moderation is the key to efficiently fasting for Navratri. But if you are someone who does not actually know how to work around ingredients that can be consumed, this perfect list of classic Navratri recipes is for you!

Best Navratri Recipes

1.  Sabudana Khichdi

Navratri actually comes as an excuse for having a yummy bowl of sabudana khichdi. A comforting dish that gets ignored generally gets its dues on Navratri. Made with sabudana, potatoes, and peanuts, this perfect recipe by Masala Kitchen is quite simple to try.

2. Kuttu Ka Chilla

Buckwheat flour, otherwise known as Kuttu ka aata, is at the core of many Navratri dishes. It is a perfect replacement for other flours. The simplest way to incorporate it into the fasting meal is by preparing a chilla that can be enjoyed with a simple coriander or yoghurt dip. This Kuttu ka chilla recipe by Khana Khazana by Shikha is as simple as it gets. Do try it this Navratri!

3. Makhana Kheer

Navratri special dishes list some really delectable options and this Makhana kheer is definitely one of them. A rich creamy dessert made with roasted makhana, cashew nuts, milk and saffron, it tastes amazing in every bite. If you wish to try it, this recipe by Home Cooking Show is pretty simple to follow.

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4. Kele Ke Kebab

Yes, there is a kebab recipe that is vrat-appropriate and doesn’t comprise any onions or garlic. A crunchy snack made with raw banana and potatoes, this makes for a perfect snack when eaten with a tangy imli ki chutney. Check out this recipe by Bold Sky and savour this healthy snack ready to become your favourite Navratri dish.

5. Sabudana Vada

A flavourful snack originating from Maharashtra, Sabudana vada is as good as a falahari dish gets. Perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, these vadas are full of flavour and we are yet to come across someone who does not love them. Why wait to try them out? Just follow this perfect recipe by Chef Kunal Kapoor and dig in.

6. Sweet Potato Chaat

Chaat finds a place in every Indian meal when given a chance. If the kick of chaat is what you miss while fasting for Navratri, give this sweet potato chaat a go and be assured to have your cravings satiated. This recipe by Saffron Trail is simple and you will have your sweet potato chaat in no time.

7. Vrat Ki Kadhi

Did you know you could have kadhi while fasting? Of course, it’s not your basic version but a vrat-friendly version made with a grain called Rajgira or Amaranth. Absolutely delicious in every bite, this recipe by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is a must-try!

8. Beetroot Raita

Most Navratri dishes are quite filling and heavy. But because they are so delicious, it is quite easy to get carried away. For the day you would like to give it a rest and go for something light and refreshing, this beetroot raita will save the day. With a perfect flavour from beetroot and tempered spices and a refreshing feel from the yoghurt, this raita will become your go-to. Plus, it is really simple to make. Just check out this recipe by Home Cooking Show and have your bowl ready in minutes.

9. Pumpkin Halwa

One for those with a sweet tooth! There is no getting bored of Halwas. With so much variety around, you will always find something new to try. When it comes to halwas to have during Navratri, pumpkin halwa steals the show. Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? Well, wait till you try it. Check out this easy recipe by Goudar’s Kitchen you can try right away.

They are all delicious and you must try them all this Navratri!

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