Are You Overeating? Taapsee Pannu’s Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal Has Some Handy Tips

by Shreya Ghosh
Are You Overeating? Taapsee Pannu’s Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal Has Some Handy Tips

The thought of getting fit and cutting on our unhealthy food habits looks very enticing but the road to the goal is not easy at all. One of the many hurdles faced on this journey is to control the portions and stop overeating. Most of us cannot enjoy any yummy food in a small quantity and we often end up relishing a lot of it. Putting a limit to meals is a difficult task and a celebrity nutritionist has some effective tips for this.

Munmun Ganeriwal Shared Videos On How To Avoid Overeating

Nutritionist Munmun Ganeriwal shared some insightful videos on Instagram where she discussed easy and effective tips and meal habits

Eating beyond our limits is a major problem that slows down our journey of losing weight. No matter how much we hit it at the gym and shed many calories, overeating simply destroys all our efforts and we do not see the expected results. If you are also stuck in a similar loop, here’s an easy-peasy and helpful meal habit that you need to follow. Munmun Ganeriwal shared that eating your meals slowly can help with the common hurdle of overeating. It is important to chew every bite well and slowly.

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A simple tip to eat slowly is to avoid preparing your next bite when you are already chewing the previous bite. Another tip to slow down your eating process is by putting the spoons down in between the bites.

Water Is Here To Help You To Control Your Portions

The nutritionist also shared another reel with a simple solution to not eat out of limits.

Calling it a powerful meal habit, she shared that sipping water in between meals can help in slowing down. In fact, this hack can also help to feel fuller, thus reducing the need to consume more food. A modified version of this hack can help to aid digestion as well. Sip lukewarm water infused with ginger and lemon juice to improve digestion.

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Are you going to adopt these meal habits? Also, do you have any simple and effective tips to avoid overeating? If yes, do let us know!

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