Art Lovers, Bangalore Gets A New Museum Of Art & Photography Spread Across 5 Storeys. Go Visit!

Museum of Art & Photography
by Tooba Shaikh

Calling all the art lovers in Bangalore! The Silicon Valley of the country is all set to get a new museum. The Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) is here and will open to the public soon. The museum strives to make art more accessible and democratised. It will host a variety of art exhibitions that will showcase thought-provoking and engaging art pieces. As of now, the MAP has a collection of around 60,000 art pieces which is only going to grow.

Museum Of Art & Photography Spread Across 5 Storeys

This Museum of Art & Photography is unique since it is the first private museum in a decade in the city of Bangalore. Dedicated to preserving the artistic streak in the city, it aims to make art more democratised and easily accessible.

The structure of the building is as artistic as the art pieces it houses. Spread across five storeys, the building is designed by India’s leading architectural firm. The structure of the museum beautifully marries functionality with accessibility, which are also the ideals behind the museum’s establishment.

The image of museums that most people have in their minds is not exactly pleasant. Most people perceive museums as some boring old place that features weird stuff for people who might be equally weird. However, MAP strives to change that perception of museums.

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Location, Opening Date, Entry Details

By showcasing extraordinarily engaging pieces, it strives to prove to the visitors that art, too, can be interactive and engaging. Since the museum is also dedicated to making art more accessible, there is no entry fee. However, you might have to pay a certain fee for specific exhibitions.

The museum is located at Kasturbha road and is all set to open its doors to the public on the 18th of February. So don your art critic hats, gather your friends and visit this place to add a little bit of culture to your life.

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Where: Kasturbha road

When: 18th of February

Cost: General Entry Free

Cover Image Credits: Press Release