Artist’s Rooms Return To Dubai With Three Creative Exhibitions Exploring Themes Like Motherhood & More!

Creative Vibes Alert: The Artist’s Rooms exhibition returns!

by Deeplata Garde
Artist’s Rooms Return To Dubai With Three Creative Exhibitions Exploring Themes Like Motherhood & More!

The Artist’s Rooms is back, offering a delightful peek into the unique perspectives and practices of three up-and-coming artists. Now in its sixth year, this exhibition showcases talents from Asia and Africa, drawing primarily from the Art Jameel collection.

Meet The Artists

This year’s exhibition, displayed in the three ground-floor galleries at Jameel Arts Centre, features the works of three dynamic artists:

  1. Sancintya Mohini Simpson: An Australian artist whose pieces explore themes of identity and history with a vibrant, contemporary touch.
  2. Augustine Paredes: A Filipino multi-disciplinary artist known for his thought-provoking and eclectic works that challenge the conventional.
  3. Amba Sayal-Bennett: A British-Indian artist who delves into cultural identity and historical narratives with a distinct aesthetic flair.

Each artist brings their style and aesthetic concerns to the table, making this exhibition a cohesive yet diverse showcase of contemporary art.

Themes of Identity and History At Artist’s Rooms

The exhibition thoughtfully explores themes of identity and history through various styles and mediums. Sancintya Mohini Simpson’s work delves into the intersections of heritage and modernity. Augustine Paredes brings a multi-disciplinary approach, combining photography, installation, and performance to create an engaging narrative. Amba Sayal-Bennett’s pieces reflect on cultural hybridity and historical context with a nuanced and sophisticated touch.

Art With A Purpose

Beyond the visual appeal, the Artist’s Rooms exhibition aims to provoke thought and conversation. Each artist’s work is given ample space to breathe, creating an environment where their narratives can be fully appreciated. The exhibition not only highlights the artists’ journeys but also invites visitors to reflect on broader societal themes.

Visit The Artist’s Rooms Before It’s Gone!

Don’t miss out on this artistic feast for the eyes and mind! The Artist’s Rooms at Jameel Arts Centre will be running until November 24. Whether you’re an art aficionado or just looking for an inspiring day out, this exhibition promises to leave you thinking long after you’ve left the gallery.

Ready to dive into a world where history meets modernity, and identity is both questioned and celebrated? The Artist’s Rooms exhibition is your ticket to a thought-provoking journey through the eyes of three extraordinary artists. Mark your calendars, grab a friend, and head over to Jameel Arts Centre before the magic ends!

Cover Image Courtesy: Jameel Arts Centre/ Website

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