As Switzerland’s Alpine Glaciers Melt More Than 6%, It Aims For Net Zero Emissions By 2050

by Tooba Shaikh
As Switzerland’s Alpine Glaciers Melt More Than 6%, It Aims For Net Zero Emissions By 2050

Climate change is a threat that all of us are aware of but it seems that people in power often struggle to understand its magnitude. One of the many countries that recently took a step in the right direction is Switzerland. In a recent referendum that would be nothing less than an overhaul in climate-related policies, they took a referendum in which the majority of the citizens voted for the overhaul in policies, seeing how drastically Switzerland’s alpine glaciers have melted.

Switzerland’s Alpine Glaciers Melt

The impact of climate change is becoming increasingly evident. From Polar bears dying to ice caps melting and raising sea levels, these literal harbingers of doom are everywhere. Switzerland is not immune to the impact of climate change.

Last year, the country’s iconic alpine glaciers experienced record-breaking melting According to many reports, more than 6 per cent of the total volume of the glaciers melted. This gave rise to alarm among Swiss scientists who called for action.

Matthias Huss, a Swiss geologist frequently uses his Twitter account to share alarming details about the very real impacts of climate change in Switzerland. He posted a time-lapse of the glaciers melting which is extremely concerning to witness.

Due to the gradual and abstract nature of the problem, climate change is not taken as seriously, however, such time-lapses put things into perspective.

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Referendum Called For By Scientists & Climate Activists

Heeding the call to action made by the scientists, the Swiss government introduced a referendum regarding a bill that would introduce major reforms in the country’s climate-related policies. The bill introduced would help drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Essentially, the plan is to gradually wean corporations off of fossil fuels and introduce more climate-friendly options. Even though the majority voted in favour of the bill, a sizable population was against it as well.

The final results revealed that a total of 40.9 per cent of people voted against the bill and 59.1 per cent favoured the bill. A total of 3 billion Swiss francs have been set aside to undertake more climate-friendly initiatives.

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Cover Image Credits: @matthias_huss/Twitter