As Winter Approaches, Desert Safari Demand In UAE Is Up By 300%

by Deeplata Garde
As Winter Approaches, Desert Safari Demand In UAE Is Up By 300%

Winters are a preferable season for desert activities, especially in the Middle East. People lay down their plans for desert camping and safari on a large scale owing to the pleasant weather. But with increased demand, the surge in price becomes evident. With winter approaching, the demand for Desert safari in the UAE has grown by 300%. Let’s find out more details about Desert Safari in UAE.

Surge In Demand For Winter Desert Safari

Desert Safari In UAE
Credits: Desert Safari Dubai Facebook

Tourists prefer desert camping in winter but to our surprise, even summer didn’t have a setback due to the low cost in the off period. But the scale suggests a percentage of visitors higher compared to summers this winter. Safari packages have seen 300% more bookings daily compared to August.

However, demand has been very high this year. The absence of automobiles is the cause. Many companies and individual drivers sold their cars during the COVID-19 outbreak. This suggests that the present fleet of vehicles operating on the circuit is smaller.

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A Desert Safari Package Is Inclusive Of?

Desert Safari In UAE
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This six-hour desert excursion is a real Arabian adventure that includes 30 to 60 minutes of dune-bashing. It’s a must-do adventure when visiting Dubai. Numerous travel operators offer opulent or reasonably priced packages to meet your budget. There is fierce rivalry in the industry to offer the best service as a result of numerous companies placing bids. Typically, the safaris take place around dawn or dusk. Tourists who want to see the breathtaking desert sunrise might go on a morning safari. Evenings are planned for a more conventional event with belly dancing and lavish meal choices.

So if you have Dubai on your travel card this winter, then Desert safari should definitely be on your list.

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