Assam Floods: About 18,000 People Suffer From Terrible Flood In Dhemaji District

Assam Floods
by Shreya Ghosh

Monsoon season has swept away Assam with very heavy rainfall in several places. It has been raining for the last few days and thousands of people are facing the harmful consequences of the massive downpour. Residents are getting affected terribly by the flood waters; leading to damage to their houses, destroying crops, submerging villages, and more. The situation does not seem to improve much. Here’s all you need to know about the Assam floods.

Dhemaji District Is In A Scary Condition!

Assam Floods

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Assam’s Dhemaji district is facing the most difficulties from the ongoing floods. With almost incessant intense rains for the last few days, the water levels of some rivers and tributaries in the state are overflowing. Water clogs, flooded areas, and a rise in river water levels are coming together and covering all around the district. Many villages such as Siyari, Tatiguri, and Jamuguri are under water due to the overflowing water of River Dikari.

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According to a report by The Economic Times-India Times, about 18,000 people are suffering due to the recent floods. The destructive flood waters reached and seeped through a total of 48 villages falling into 4 revenue circles. About 530.07 hectares of agricultural land is swamping.

The unimaginable difficulties are not only restricted to the people living in this district. In fact, many patients admitted to the Silapathar Model Hospital are suffering as well. The contaminated water has entered the hospital and this is creating so much problems for everyone there.

Assam Floods Are Destructing Several Districts. Here Are Some Updates:

Assam Floods

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  • Assam State Disaster Management Authority stated that almost 8,000 people in the Gogamukh Revenue Circle area and 7,400 people in the Sissoborgaon revenue circle are facing scary consequences.
  • The water level of the Brahmaputra River is rising in such a way that it is exceeding the danger level in places such as Nanglamuraghat’s Disang River, Jorhat district’s Neamatighat, and Sivasagar’s Dikhou River, according to a flood report by Assam State Disaster Management Authority.
  • 1,479.27 hectares of land is inundated.
  • More than 24,000 pet animals and poultry are suffering too.

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The condition is turning worse. We all pray for some improvements in the weather.

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