Assam’s Manas National Park Launches Cycles Tours After Cancelling Night Safaris

by Sanjana Shenoy
Assam’s Manas National Park Launches  Cycles Tours After Cancelling Night Safaris

Manas National Park is the twin famous sibling besides Kaziranga that attracts a lot of attention from nature-lovers worldwide. This UNESCO heritage park is also a tiger reserve that is spread over 2,837-sq km. However, given the national lockdown, Manas National Park was closed from March 17 till October 2. Now, to attract more tourists, they are up to some creative measures. As part of these creative measures, tourists can cycle and explore the renowned national park.

Go Pedalling Into The Wild At Manas National Park In Assam

In a new initiative by the Manas National Park, they are introducing cycle safaris for tourists. Under this new initiative, 12 cycles will be available for tourists who can take these cycles for a trip around the forests’ periphery on off-beaten tracks. Speaking to the media, the Manas Park Conservator Amal Sharma said that this initiative attempts to draw more tourists after the pandemic. Previously, Manas used to have night safaris, but they were banned when the Supreme Court ruled against them. Monetarily, Manas used to generate ₹1 crore revenue during the 2019-20 season, but then the pandemic struck, and after October, their revenue so far has been ₹90 Lakhs. Also, Manas has not received any foreign tourists.

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Speaking to the media, Ranger of Bansbari Range in Manas, Alakesh Das, said that the locals who fall under the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) had a huge contribution to save Manas. As different states have been closed, many people have chosen to explore nearby areas. As such, there was a huge demand, and in January, the crowd was so much that they had to restrict vehicles to 175 to help the animals.  Manas bagged the award as the tiger population here increased three times a year. Meanwhile, if you have plans to visit Assam, do make a trip to Meghalaya as well.