Atul Kulkarni Calls Food One Of The Greatest Joys Of His Life

by Mallika Khurana
Atul Kulkarni Calls Food One Of The Greatest Joys Of His Life

Atul Kulkarni is a master of his trade and we are huge fans of his work. With a number of noteworthy roles under his belt, he impresses us time and again. Over the course of a long career, he has played many influential roles and captured the hearts of millions of people. He recently joined us on this episode of Tere Gully Mein and shared a lot of details about his life. It was enjoyable and flavourful to explore Girgaon’s lanes with this talented actor, and you need to watch this thrilling episode right away!

Atul Kulkarni Talks About The Greatest Joys In His Life

We learned about his passion for movies and food in this thrilling episode. He not only admitted that he prefers to eat sweet dishes first but also talked about his love for cinema at length. When asked about his views on nepotism and if he has ever faced difficulties in his career because of it, he shared that he hasn’t. Atul Kulkarni also went ahead to explain how natural it is for parents to help further their children’s careers, especially if they have an influence. He mentioned that it stands true in every industry, not just Bollywood. Later, when we asked him if cinema is his greatest joy in life, he admitted it is one of his joys. Of course, nothing beats the happiness food brings him.

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He Has Tried Some Weird Dishes During His Travels

Atul Kulkarni Curly Tales
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Atul Kulkarni mentioned that he enjoys travelling so much that he goes to Europe alone once a year. He prefers to travel to small towns and indulge in the local cuisine and culture. He shared that he also has plans to travel to Scotland in the near future. For him, these locations are the best for taking in the natural beauty of the area.

We then inquired as to whether he had tried out any unusual foods while travelling. Guess what? He has! He has tried everything, from kangaroos in Australia to frog legs in Budapest. But because they were widely accessible in the places he visited, he does not think of them as odd. He acknowledged that he does not go looking for Indian restaurants abroad. He much prefers to live and eat like a local.

After that, we had a great time playing a round of rapid-fire with Atul Kulkarni. Check out the complete video right away!

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