Authentic Flavours, Rustic Aesthetics & Quaint Vibes; This Saudi Restaurant Offers Fusion Cuisine

by Deeplata Garde

For travellers wishing to enjoy a luxurious vacation, Saudi Arabia is nothing short of a utopia. Yet dining in the Kingdom is not something to be treated lightly. Thus, we have a recommendation if you are sick of city life and seeking a restaurant that offers a charming ambience and gram-worthy authentic food. This eatery in the Al Bujari complex offers a charming setting for your meal.

Takya In Saudi Offers A Blend Of Authentic & Modern Flavours Of The Kingdom


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Ancient recipes with a modern twist are all they serve calling it their type of good pollution to the eatery. Takya, situated in the Al Bujari complex is an alfresco setup that has bold colours on display. With walls painted with shades of Vermillion and with some dusty Golden yellow add the old charm to the venue. The colourful food does justice and works as a contrasting element to the interiors of this eatery.

The intricate elements are not just limited to their interiors but also are reflected in the delicate crockery they use. A delicious fusion of various cultures. The menu of Takya features the ideal assortment of foods from all throughout Saudi Arabia. The diner will definitely let you grasp the serene atmosphere by simply sitting inside or maybe outside as it’s alfresco.

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Feeling Sceptical About What To Order?


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From the clamouring dose of restaurants available in the vicinity of Al Bujari Terrace, Takya provides us with a refreshing concept. From its archaic vibes to the food, Takya seems truly an ode to the trail of restaurants situated around it.

Let’s drop down to the part where all foodies are all ears. So when you walk inside this eatery make sure you have set your mind to find authentic Saudi dishes. From starters to mains, you might come across dishes that describe the heritage of the kingdom. Try ordering dishes like Mathlutha, Cheese Motabaq and Shaib. They also serve local versions of Salads. Sleeg & other rice recipes are must try. End your day on a sweet note. Try their Pavlova Blalit, Luhoh and other dishes from the dessert menu.

Don’t forget to click some good snaps of the food and the Saudi restaurant as well.

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Takya