Ayushmann Khurrana: Mumbai Is A Huge Leveler, Delhi Is More About Show Off

by Suchismita Pal
Ayushmann Khurrana: Mumbai Is A Huge Leveler, Delhi Is More About Show Off

There always remains a competition between Mumbai and Delhi, in terms of food, culture, dialect, thoughts, and the list of factors goes on! How about hearing out the differences between the two cities from someone who had lived in both? The very talented Ayushmann Khurrana had a candid conversation with Curly Tales on a Sunday Brunch interview where he revealed the pros and cons of both Mumbai and Delhi. Here’s what he said about both the cities.


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I Have Never Seen Slums Next To A 5-Star Hotel In Delhi: Ayushmann Khurrana

Ayushmann was born and brought up in Chandigarh. Before shifting to Mumbai, he had stayed in Delhi where he was working as a Radio Jockey. So, he has experienced the lifestyle of all three cities. Speaking about the cities, the actor said,  “In Mumbai, I have heard words like phatey, like phatey traffic hain. In Chandigarh, phatey is chak de phatte. Here, the meaning of phatey changes. So, of course, there are linguistic differences. And I have realised that Bombay is a great leveller. I have never seen slums next to a five-star hotel in  Delhi. In Mumbai, you can see the rich and poor together. This city is very real. Delhi is more about show off. You spend more than you earn. In Mumbai, people are more practical. The best part about Mumbai is that here talent is recognised. No one really cares by which car you are coming, or whether you are coming by auto. If you have talent, you will shine.”


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Ayushman On Delhi Food V/S Mumbai Food!

Ayushmann also spoke about the differences in terms of food in both cities. He said, “I found the food in Mumbai quite different from Delhi and Chandigarh. Then I realised one should not try North Indian cuisine in Mumbai and Konkani cuisine in North. The cuisine will be good at the place to which it belongs. In Mumbai, I discovered Konkoni and Maharashtrian cuisines. I discovered Gujarati cuisine too and I love it. But sorry to say, people in Bombay cannot make tandoori chicken. They don’t know how to use tandoor. But if you try local cuisine here ( in Mumbai), you’ll love it of course.” Ayushmann also loves vada pav in Mumbai.