Back In UAE After 2-Month Summer Break? Only These 2 DXB Airport Terminals Allow Public Transport

by Deeplata Garde
Back In UAE After 2-Month Summer Break? Only These 2 DXB Airport Terminals Allow Public Transport

Have you been on a summer vacation and seem to return back home to Dubai? Well, we might have some advice for you. After a seamless journey back home in flight, do you want to get into the mess of your carrying your bags to the airport car park? Well, these terminals at DXB airport are limiting their access to private vehicles and allowing only public transport and airport vehicles at arrivals. So before asking your friend or family to pick you up from the airport, give it a thought. Metro is always the best option we say!

Travelling Back Home From Summer Vacay? These DXB Terminal Allow Only Public Vehicles

Dubai International Airport announced that Terminal 1’s front arrival area will be exclusively available for public transport and authorized vehicles in early June. And now the same would be applied to the arrival of Terminal 3. This move aims to alleviate congestion and enhance traffic flow. To receive guests at the ‘Arrivals’ section, residents and visitors are advised to use car parks or valet services. And the cost of car parks at Dubai Airport starts from Dhs 5 to Dhs 125 and more depending on time and the car park zone. So if you want to save some bucks and your time in traffic, we suggest you use Public transport.

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Take A Metro?

Additionally, the airport is committed to upgrading parking amenities, ensuring passengers have more accessible and budget-friendly parking choices. However, parking fees for these facilities can be steep. Are you seeking a more economical option? Opting for the metro from the airport for your travels within Dubai during this busy summer might be your best bet. Not only will it save you parking expenses, but also valuable time stuck in traffic. Notably, a metro ride to nearby Dubai areas costs less than Dhs10, making it a highly convenient choice.

In summary, Dubai International Airport has significantly enhanced traffic flow and eased congestion by restricting Terminal 1 & 3’s front arrival area to public transport and authorized vehicles only. Travellers are urged to utilise car parks or valet services for ‘Arrivals’ section activities. The airport is also pursuing various initiatives like a new smart tunnel, an enhanced baggage tracking system, and improved parking facilities to streamline passenger flow and minimise wait times.

So make sure you remember all these when you take your flight back home to Dubai.

Cover Image Courtesy:Twitter/Dubai Media Office