Bahrain’s Local Favourite, Nomad Urban Eatery Makes An Exciting Debut In Olaya, Riyadh

Nomad Urban Eatery, A Culinary Odyssey from Bahrain to Riyadh

by Deeplata Garde
Bahrain’s Local Favourite, Nomad Urban Eatery Makes An Exciting Debut In Olaya, Riyadh

Nomad Urban Eatery, a culinary gem originating from Bahrain, has recently unveiled its first international venture in the heart of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Nestled in the prestigious Olaya area, this gastronomic haven promises a fusion of urban flavours and a welcoming atmosphere. Bahrain’s local favourite is set to create a buzz in Riyadh’s vibrant dining scene.

Gastronomic Innovation From Bahrain To Riyadh


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Nomad Urban Eatery has carved a niche with its innovative culinary approach. The establishment has gained recognition for its bold flavours and unwavering commitment to crafting dishes using the finest ingredients. Nomad’s culinary prowess and impeccable service have made it a favourite among diners seeking a delightful and comforting experience in Bahrain. We expect the brand to provide similar experiences in Riyadh as well. For now, the eatery has announced a soft opening. Calling it NUE by Nomad in Riyadh, the eatery currently holds limited seating and will run between 8 am to 10 pm every day.

Menu Extravaganza


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Nomad’s menu is a delightful odyssey, catering to gastronomic enthusiasts from breakfast to dinner. From refreshing salads to hearty sandwiches, and indulgent burgers to sumptuous pasta, the menu offers delectable food that’s hard to resist. Signature dishes like the Nomad Burger, Beetroot Risotto, Salmon Poke Bowl, and Nutella French Toast showcase the restaurant’s commitment to culinary excellence. To be specific, the menu is divided into breakfast, lunch and an creatively crafted All day menu. The beverage selection is equally impressive, featuring an extensive array of coffee, tea, smoothies, and mocktails. Get ready to be spoilt with an array of choices. Grab your coffee which also comes in extensive varieties like drip, espresso, or specialities. Or else you can choose to have kombucha, infusion teas or some cold pressed juices.

Expanding With Nue By Nomad


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The decision to venture beyond its Bahraini roots was a strategic move for Nomad Urban Eatery. Riyadh, with its cultural ties to Bahrain and a burgeoning demand for quality dining, emerged as the ideal destination. The founders expressed their enthusiasm about introducing Nomad to the Riyadh community, emphasizing the restaurant’s ability to cater to the diverse and sophisticated tastes prevalent in the city. Nomad, an acclaimed urban eatery, revolutionized Bahrain’s gastronomic scene with its award-winning approach. Renowned for its bold and urban flavors, Nomad is celebrated for its inviting and aesthetically pleasing ambiance, offering both comforting food and exceptional service. The heart of Nomad’s culinary philosophy lies in crafting homemade dishes using the utmost quality ingredients. Don’t forget to have the desserts that they offer. Also good news vegans! Their menu offers vegan-friendly dishes as well.

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Nomad Urban Eatery’s presence in Riyadh, situated at Olaya signifies more than just a dining establishment. It embodies a culinary journey that seamlessly blends urban flair with warm hospitality. As Nomad extends its influence beyond Bahrain, Riyadh residents can anticipate a gastronomic adventure that promises satisfaction for diverse palates. Nomad Urban Eatery is not just a restaurant; it’s an experience, and Riyadh is in for a treat.

Where: Olaya, Riyadh
When: 8 am to 10 pm
Cost: On Demand

Cover Image Courtesy: Insta/ NuebyNomad

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