Sharjah To Impose Strict Housing Regulations For Bachelors; Here Are The Present Rules

Sharjah's Updated Housing Rules for Singles: A Comprehensive Overview

by Deeplata Garde
Sharjah To Impose Strict Housing Regulations For Bachelors; Here Are The Present Rules

Sharjah, the UAE’s third-largest emirate, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, family-friendly ambience, and affordable living costs. However, within this tapestry of cultural diversity, the emirate upholds stringent regulations, particularly concerning the rental landscape for single individuals. In this exploration, we unravel the intricacies of Sharjah’s recently updated housing rules for singles, shedding light on the implications for both tenants and landlords.

Navigating Bachelor Accommodation Zones In Sharjah

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Another pivotal facet of Sharjah’s housing rules involves restrictions on bachelor accommodations within residential neighbourhoods or family-centric areas. The regulations explicitly state that low-income bachelors or labourers are prohibited from residing in these locales, confining their habitation to industrial zones or Al Saga.

Bachelors dwelling in these designated areas are permitted shared living arrangements, but putting a house on lease is strictly forbidden. Residential and commercial buildings in family-centric areas, such as Al Majaz and Al Nahda, are exclusively designated for families. When entering or renewing contracts, families must furnish passport copies, evidence of familial ties, and, if necessary, marriage certificates.

Request Form and Required Documents For Bachelors

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In an effort to regulate and ensure transparency in the tenancy market, authorities have established a comprehensive process for attesting bachelor’s tenancy contracts in commercial areas. This initiative aims to facilitate a smooth and efficient procedure for both landlords and tenants. Here’s a detailed guide on the request form, required documents, steps, fees, and essential remarks associated with the attestation of such contracts.

Landlords seeking to attest tenancy contracts in commercial areas need to complete the Residential Tenancy Agreement form. The required documents include a copy of the title deed or the deed’s details filled in the contract form. For granted lands, a copy of the plot plan is necessary. Landlord identification is crucial, with a copy of the ID card and passport authenticated with a signature. The tenant’s ID card or passport, along with the passports of other dwellers, is also required. SEWA’s stamp of approval is mandatory for new contracts, and power of attorney, if necessary, should be accompanied by a copy of the proxy’s passport, authenticated with a signature.

Steps for Attestation

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  1. Both parties (owner and tenant) or their legal agents must fill in and sign the contracts.
  2. For new contracts, a visit to SEWA’s office is required.
  3. Approach the tenancy contracts attestation section for further processing.

Fees and Remarks:

  1. AED 100 is the charge for obtaining the tenancy agreement documents.
  2. An additional 4% of the annual rent (minimum AED 500) is applicable.
  3. Bachelors are prohibited from residing in villas.
  4. The tenants should possess a mandatory Emirates ID card from the date of 15/11/2012.
  5. Each tenant is allowed to register only one unit under their name.

The number of inhabitants in the accommodation should adhere to specified rules

1. 3 persons for studio
2. 4 people for a one-bedroom flat
3. 6 people for a 2-bed room flat
4. 9 people for a 3-bed room flat

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Notes Regarding Fees For Sharjah Housing

  1. An express service is available for Dhs150 per transaction.
  2. If a tenancy contract includes multiple units with a term exceeding one year, a fee of Dhs50 is applicable for each unit and each year.

 Tapestry of Sharjah’s Housing Landscape

The housing rules tailored for singles in Sharjah serve as a linchpin for upholding the emirate’s social, and cultural values and ensuring residents’ safety and comfort. Tenants and landlords alike must navigate these regulations diligently to sidestep legal entanglements or penalties. Equipping oneself with a profound understanding of their rights and responsibilities within the framework of Sharjah’s tenancy laws is paramount for harmonious coexistence in this vibrant emirate

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