Bali Might Impose Tax On Foreign Tourists

Bali to impose tax on tourists
by Kritika Kukreja 728

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Bali tourism plans to impose $10 (approx ₹700) worth of taxes on foreign tourists entering the country. 

What Is It?

At a Legislative Council meeting, the Bali Governor has announced that the government might impose taxes on all foreign tourists coming into the country. Although, the method of collection of the tax hasn’t been revealed yet, but it might be during ticket booking or while entering the country. The tax money will be used to improve and maintain Bali’s environment and according to Bali’s government, $10 (approx ₹700) is a low amount that can be easily paid by tourists travelling there.

Bali to impose tax on tourists

Bali to impose tax on tourists

Bali Tourism

With heritage sites, beaches and markets, Bali attracts over 6 million tourists a year. This number has taken a toll on the Bali environment and the tax collected from foreign tourists will be used in the upkeep of heritages sites and improving the environment. By 2020, Bali will be attracting nearly 18 million tourists per year so it’s high time the country starts adopting techniques to protect its infrastructure.

About Bali

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