Bangalore Has An Ex-Girlfriend Chaat Centre And Toote Hue Dil Bond Over Pani Puri & Sev Puri

Netizens react to this chaat bhandar that has gone viral for its post-breakup blues.

by Ankita Mazumdar
Bangalore Has An Ex-Girlfriend Chaat Centre And Toote Hue Dil Bond Over Pani Puri & Sev Puri

How hard is it to name a shop? If you venture into a business and open your shop, how oddly would you name it? One such shopkeeper in Bangalore went down the path of picking up names for his shop. Mind you, it is not a common one! Well, the shop has a rare name as it involves ex-girlfriends and chaats. As usual, Netizens can’t keep calm and are having a blast over this.

This Chaat Centre In Bangalore Has Gone Viral Over An Ex-Girlfriend

A user on X (previously known as Twitter), Farrago Metiquirke, shared an image of a shop in Bangalore that went viral for all the right and quirky reasons. The attention wasn’t on any specific dish that the shop was selling. Rather, it was the name that grabbed eyeballs. This chaat centre is named ‘Ex Girlfriend Bangarpete Chats’. Talk about how quirky and catchy names shopkeepers pick out for their shops nowadays. ChatGPT is shaking!

Farrago captioned this picture with ‘Looking to chat about your breakup? Fear no more.’ We would never know whether this Bangalore shopkeeper meant chaat instead of chats of his ex-girlfriend. Nonetheless, it still makes sense to all the heartbroken out there. Funnily this went viral before Valentine’s Day. Seems like the universe is rubbing it on the faces of heartbroken lovers. 

Meanwhile, the poster for the shop indicates images of Pani Puri, Sev Puri and chaats instead of screenshots of someone’s chats with their exes. So, you can head over to ‘Ex Girlfriend Bangarpete Chats’ to sulk in your post-break-up period with a side of Pani Puri. They even have a tiny seating area. Or take a parcel to-go and gorge on chaats in the comfort of your home while you mourn your heartbreak, *a moye moye moment* One good thing is this place is pocket-friendly and chaats start at just ₹40. You can order Dahi Puri, Masala Puri and Chips Masala, kyuki dil toote toh toote, khaana zaroori hai!

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Netizens Reacted By Saying Just Bangalore Things

After Farrago posted this, his comments section below up. He couldn’t help but point out the fact that these things are bound to happen in Bangalore while others added funny reactions. One user rightly replied, “The place you don’t want to bump in if you’re with your gf.” Another said “Need guts to put such name” and continued that this name still confused him, whether he should laugh or cry. 

The picture that was shared also showcased a person sitting and another was a server. The one sitting presumably looked sad so someone replied, “The person sitting inside looks upset. Must be thinking about his ex.” Meanwhile, another one had a different take and replied, “If that guy isn’t a customer then it’s an ex-couple sitting there… .” The Internet can truly be a funny place sometimes. 

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Did you ever come across such quirky names of shops? Was it about breakups and exes? Honestly, the shopkeeper should just blast Taylor Swift songs to increase the impact of the shop’s name.

Where: Satish Complex, 1st Block, R.T. Nagar, Bangalore

Cost For Two: ₹150 approximately

Cover Image Credits: X/dankchikidang

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