Bangalore Uber Driver Flashes Woman; She Shares Her Harrowing Experience On LinkedIn

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bangalore Uber Driver Flashes Woman; She Shares Her Harrowing Experience On LinkedIn

In an utterly shocking incident, an Uber driver in Bangalore flashed a female passenger. The traumatised victim took to LinkedIn to share her harrowing experience. What follows in this read is shocking and unpardonable behaviour. Read on to know more.

Bangalore Uber Driver Shows Private Parts To Woman

Meenal Chettri, a Sales Specialist in Bangalore, in a now-deleted post on LinkedIn, stated the incident where an Uber taxi driver in Bangalore showed his ‘private parts’ to her. According to her post, she took an Uber can from BTM 2nd Stage to JP Nagar Metro Station. She initially felt things were normal as the driver arrived on time. Later she felt uneasy as the driver took an unfamiliar route.

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Picture Credits: Canva

Once she raised her concern about the deviation, he went back to following the map. But according to her interview with NDTV, Meenal felt uncomfortable and asked for an early drop-off even before reaching the JP Nagar Metro Station. While paying the fare, the driver, Rakesh YG flashed her, leaving her “traumatised and appalled.

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She immediately walked away from the driver and sought safety in the comfort of a nearby crowd. Consumed with confusion, she had trouble even gathering her thoughts. So, she took to LinkedIn to share her concerns. Later, Meenal Chettri shared an updated post on the platform where she stated that Uber took action against the Bangalore cab driver.

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Strict Timely Action Taken Against The Driver

In her post, she revealed that Uber reached out to her and investigated the matter thoroughly. The cab aggregator took necessary actions against the driver. She expressed her gratitude to Uber for their swift response and for taking appropriate steps to ensure the safety of passengers. Meenal hopes that such actions act as a reminder as uncouth behaviour will never be tolerated and cab aggregators’ first priority will always be customer well-being.

Meanwhile, have you ever felt unsafe in a cab in India? If you did, how did you deal with this untoward situation? Do let us know if you faced such awful experiences.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva