Bangladesh Street Vendor Makes Masala Strawberry With Mustard; Netizens Amused By Unusual Creation

masala strawberry bangladesh
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 246

Mahabaleshwar entices foodies with its special strawberries with cream. Wine connoisseurs can’t have enough of the hill station’s unique strawberry wine. And when it comes to food trends, the glistening strawberry never fails to make its presence felt. From mind-boggling Strawberry Biryani to Strawberry Samosas, there’s something for everyone brave enough to experiment. And now, a Bangladeshi street vendor has taken thing up a notch with Masala Strawberry prepared with mustard. Read on to know we aren’t kidding!

Bangladeshi Vendor Adds Salt, Masala & Mustard Sauce To Fresh Strawberries

Food vlogger who goes by the handle @ourcollection has uploaded a bizzare Bangladeshi street food video. IA street food vendor can be seen chopping juicy red strawberries that would perhaps best be eaten in its virgin state. But where’s the fun in it, we supposed. So, the vendor goes on to sprinkle salt, masala and mustard sauce into it. Bathing the fresh fruit with masala, he tosses it in a jar, so the mixture gets well combined with funky flavours. Finally, he serves the Masala Strawberry on a piece of recycled paper.

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The Viral Video Shocked Netizens

The video went viral, garnering over 6.6 million views and over 300k likes. Netizens were amused, some even highly disturbed by the wicked food trend. While one viewer wrote “RIP Strawberry”, another quipped that strawberries were terrorised. Some social media users pointed out to the lack of hygiene and cleanliness practiced by the street food vendor. Well, fortunately there’s vaccination to fight Covid-19. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing against food trends. Meanwhile, check out Bomberry’s famous Strawberry dessert in Mumbai.

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