Bareilly Airport’s Lounge Denies Entry To Neena Gupta; Actor Says, “Abhi Tak VIP Nahi Bani”

by Mallika Khurana
Bareilly Airport’s Lounge Denies Entry To Neena Gupta; Actor Says, “Abhi Tak VIP Nahi Bani”

In the glitzy world of Bollywood, where glamour often takes centre stage, one actress stands out for her candid and relatable persona—Neena Gupta. Known for her remarkable roles in Badhaai Ho, Lust Stories 2, and many more, she not only graces the silver screen but also captivates her audience through her candid and humorous social media presence. Recently, she shared a video that offered a glimpse into her everyday life, a moment that resonated with many and made headlines across her fan base. In this Instagram video, Neena humorously reveals that she was denied entry into the reserved lounge at the airport.

Neena Gupta Was Denied Entry At Bareilly Airport’s Reserved Lounge


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In this video, Neena looks really disappointed and shares that she is at the Bareilly Airport, sitting right outside the reserved lounge. Because, guess what? She was denied entry there. She also shared how she had previously visited and sat here but Today, however, they refused to let her in.

This area is reserved for VIPs and apparently, she is not one, at least according to those in charge there. She continues to share his disappointment by saying that she clearly hasn’t formally joined the VIP club yet. It appears she will have to put in a lot of effort to achieve that status. She calls it a good motivator for her to strive to become a VIP.

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Here Fans Quickly Assured Her Of Her Status

Photo Credits: Neena Gupta/Instagram

No matter what she posts on social media, her admirers are quick to shower her with love. How could they have let go of the opportunity to boost her morale when she was low? Well, they didn’t. As soon as she posted this video, it was filled with comments assuring her that she was definitely a VIP in their hearts.

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While some told her how her work and humility have found a home in people’s hearts, others reminded her of all the treats the restaurants at the airports have in store. Some even pointed out that she needed to give the airport authorities some glasses to help them see clearly and reconsider their decision. Her fans also didn’t let go of the chance to call out this error in judgement made by Bareilly airport management. 

Entry into the reserved lounge or not, there is no denying that Neena Gupta is a VIP!

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