Bask In The Glory Of AlUla’s Desert At Dar Tantora That’s Now Open For Bookings!

Dar Tantora The House Hotel has finally opened its doors to vacationers and it's offering an eco community experience.

by Anupriya Mishra
Bask In The Glory Of AlUla’s Desert At Dar Tantora That’s Now Open For Bookings!

AlUla is often regarded as a living museum. With its share of rich history and an equally vibrant culture, this beautiful destination makes for a great choice amongst vacationers. And if you too are planning to stay in the dazzling desert of the historical AlUla, then you might want to consider Dar Tantora The House Hotel. It’s now open for bookings and here’s why it makes for a great place to experience the ultimate Saudi destination.

Dar Tantora The House Hotel Is Now Open For Bookings

Dar Tantora The House Hotel has finally opened its doors to vacationers. Yes, offering an eco community experience, this hotel seamlessly blends with the region’s rich culture. Connecting them to the vibrant history of AlUla, they offer the best experiences in a welcoming atmosphere. Nestled in the timeless oasis of AlUla, The intricately decorated spaces will take you back in time. Yes, the ancient-looking rooms with modern comfort coupled with timeless elegance bring together the best of both worlds.

It Has Quaint Brick Houses For Rooms

If you’re also not over the mud brick village, which comprises 30 unique Dar’s, then you will certainly want to take your time exploring the surrounding area. Yes, as each house tells a story, the hotel perfectly blends traditional architecture with modern touches. As a result, one is bound to get a genuine feel of AlUla’s heritage. However, the bespoke property also offers a bunch of services that you might want to check out. Their Cigar Oasis, which comprises speciality coffee, local sweets, and snacks is certainly unmissable as it offers a luxury cigar experience. And the Spa & Wellness experience combines spa with traditional Arabic beauty experiences along with gym and fitness activities.

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What About Food?

Since any holiday is practically incomplete without good food, you must check out their dining options — Joontos Restaurant, Mirbad – In Room Dining and Maqha – Cafe. Joontos is basically a restaurant that has been developed by Kerten Hospitality and Michelin Star Chef Jaume Puigdengolas. Boasting a menu that comprises a selection of Saudi-inspired dishes, each of these has been crafted with seasonal ingredients. Maqha, is a cafe, from where you can enjoy the oasis views from the rooftop. And the room dining offers guests, the convenience of taking their meals in the comfort of their room.

Ensuring that customers don’t feel bored during the day, the good folks offer a bunch of activities that people can check out. Yes, from exploring the ancient landscapes to enjoying serene desert views, each of these activities is certainly going to create unforgettable memories for holidaymakers.

So, if you’re also looking to vacay in AlUla, don’t forget to book a stay at Dar Tantora.

Where: 375 Old Town, 43562, AlUla, Saudi Arabia

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/dartantora

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