Be VERY Cautious With Your Luggage The Next Time You Are At The Delhi Airport; Here’s Why

by Shreya Ghosh
Be VERY Cautious With Your Luggage The Next Time You Are At The Delhi Airport; Here’s Why

We pack a lot of things in our luggage before travelling somewhere. From essentials like clothes to something expensive like jewellery. While we feel safe after completing the check-in at airports and believe that our luggage is safe, unfortunately, the reality is a bit different at Delhi Airport. Recently, a woman lost her gold jewellery on her way to Punjab from Melbourne. What happened next will shock you!

A Passenger Lost Her Ornaments At The Delhi Airport

Delhi Airport
Picture credit- Canva

Paramjeet Kaur is a passenger who encountered a terrible experience at the Indira Gandhi International Airport. She flew from Melbourne to Delhi and was on her way to Amritsar. During her journey, she felt a bit concerned and doubtful seeing the behaviour of her wheelchair assistant, according to a report by the Economic Times. Little did she know back then she was about to be utterly shocked after opening her luggage at home.

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After reaching home and opening her bag, she understood that her jewellery had been stolen. Soon, she filed a complaint to the police and the concerned authorities started a probe. After the investigation process, they recovered a video that led them to get hold of people involved in the theft racket.

What Did The Authorities Find?

Delhi Airport
Picture credit- Canva

The theft operation has been continuing for some time at the Delhi airport and the airport loaders are involved in this horrible racket. According to a report by The Times of India, they found 6 airport loaders who are behind this scam. Along with them, there is a 7th scammer as well. He usually receives all the objects that have been stolen.

Devesh Kumar Mahla is the DCP of the Delhi Airport. In a conversation with The Times of India, he shared that the authorities have arrested 6 loaders working for Air India and Vistara.

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Not just Kaur’s jewellery, the suspects stole valuable items such as sunglasses, a De Grisogono luxury watch, Apple Air Pods, foreign currency notes, and ornaments.

Such scams are surely a reason for major concern for lakhs of passengers. Have you been a victim of any such scams?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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