Beauty Of Muscat To Increase Tenfold As Local Trees To Be Planted In Public Places And Parks

by Deeplata Garde
Beauty Of Muscat To Increase Tenfold As Local Trees To Be Planted In Public Places And Parks

Oman is set to get greener! Muscat Municipality has recently unveiled a plan to introduce indigenous tree species. They plan to plant it within the city’s gardens, parks, and roadside locations. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the Environment Authority’s (EA) ambition to cultivate 10 million wild trees across Oman. So now you and the future generations of Oman would witness a greener city in the true sense.

Muscat Municipality To Plant Local Tree Species In The City

Preferring native trees for urban greening, the municipality capitalises on their ability to thrive in local conditions and their reduced need for irrigation. This strategic choice contributes to water conservation and the provision of shade in public areas. The municipality’s official website also emphasizes the expansion of local tree planting to amplify shade coverage and diminish irrigation demands.

This progressive initiative by Muscat Municipality signifies a laudable stride towards fostering sustainable development and safeguarding the natural ecosystem. By introducing native tree species, not only will the city’s aesthetics flourish, but a plethora of ecological advantages will also be reaped.

Landscaping in Muscat will also encompass the removal of damaging and invasive trees. It might pose a threat to the nation’s water resources. It further aims for the eradication of other non-native species causing disruption to the local ecosystem.

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What Is Environmental Authority Initiative Regarding Planting Trees?

According to a Muscat Daily report, the EA revealed that it has introduced 1,500 trees to the Wadi Sireen Nature Reserve in Al Amerat, enriching the green landscape and creating a conducive habitat for indigenous flora and fauna. This afforestation initiative was undertaken to mark Tree Day, in collaboration with the Office of the Wali of Al Amerat, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources, and the Environment Society of Oman.

This endeavour extends beyond mere planting the local species of trees. It strategically addresses the elimination of harmful and invasive trees that compromise the integrity of the country’s water resources. Embracing sustainable principles, the trees that are removed are not discarded but rather transformed into organic fertilizers.

Through the recycling of tree remains the municipality ensures their conversion into eco-friendly nourishment, benefiting other plant life.

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