Ben Stokes Takes To Twitter About Missing Bags After A British Airways Flight; Netizens React

by Shreya Rathod
Ben Stokes Takes To Twitter About Missing Bags After A British Airways Flight; Netizens React

While taking a flight, missing luggage is a common occurrence. Often we have ended up searching for our luggage at the baggage claim area of the airport. Recently, English cricketer experienced the same thing! After taking a British Airways flight, the cricketer Ben Stokes wasn’t able to find his bags.

Ben Stokes Took To Twitter About His Missing Bags

Benjamin Andrew Stokes, commonly referred to as Ben Stokes, is an English cricketer and the leader of the England Test squad and competes for the England T20I team. He has participated in numerous Twenty20 leagues all over the world and plays for Durham in domestic cricket.

Recently, he took to Twitter and reported his missing luggage. In his tweet, his bags have not turned up at the airport after taking the British Airways flight. He further requested assistance from the airline in finding his luggage.

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Netizens React To His Tweet

For many people, this is not a new occurrence as they have been in this situation at least once. One of the users, Eddie Hearn, asked the airline to return the cricketer’s luggage and his too. Another user wrote that the same thing happened to his parents who received their luggage after a week.

A user jibed at the airlines and commented that they do not discriminate between VIPs and ordinary people. Many have criticised the airline in the comments and stated that their service is not nice.

However, Ben Stokes is not the only celebrity who has lost his luggage. In fact, Rana Daggubati’s luggage went missing after he took an IndiGo flight. He disclosed that the staff members displaced his luggage and described it as the ‘worst flight experience ever’.

Actor Pooja Hegde, who made her debut at Cannes, revealed that before arriving her luggage went missing. Everything from makeup to outfits was lost! Katherine Jenkins has criticised British Airways for “again” misplacing her bags and expressed concern that she could have to cancel her appearance at the Pope’s Christmas concert in Rome.

The Welsh singer tweeted the airline a complaint and said they had previously misplaced her luggage. Jenkins stated she would be unable to perform for Pope Francis if her suitcase was not located.

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Cover Image Courtesy: Ben Stokes/ Instagram