Bengaluru: 22-YO Student Scams Amazon For ₹20 Lakhs; Here’s How

by Tooba Shaikh
Bengaluru: 22-YO Student Scams Amazon For ₹20 Lakhs; Here’s How

In an alarming piece of news, it was reported that a student from Bengaluru is consistently scamming the e-commerce giant, Amazon. The student was identified as Chirag Gupta and he is 22 years old. He managed to scam the company for around ₹20 lakhs. He made seemingly real purchases and then cancelled them. When the scam was discovered at Amazon, however, Chirag was arrested. Here is how he managed to pull off this huge scam.

Bengaluru: 22-YO Student Scams Amazon For ₹20 Lakhs

Scams Amazon
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This particular scam was carried out by making seemingly real purchases from the website. Gupta chose to purchase high-end electronic gadgets. He would then cancel the order and then register them as returned. He would then get a refund for the gadget that he only ostensibly bought.

This was essentially Gupta’s strategy. He made multiple orders like that and managed to scam the company for ₹20 lakhs. He made purchases for items like iPhone Pro 14 Max which was worth ₹1.4 lakhs, an iPhone 14 worth ₹84,900, and two more iPhone 14s.

These gadgets were all bought on separate occasions. Between the 15th of May and the 17th of May, these purchases were made on credit cards as well as on the unified payments interface or UPI. Pretty soon, however, the pattern became obvious to Amazon and they launched an investigation.

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Had The Help Of A Former Employee

Scams Amazon
Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)

When they did, they realised that the purchases made by Gupta and the subsequent “returns” never made it to Amazon Warehouses. The authorities then lodged a complaint with the police following which Gupta was arrested.

It then that it came to light that Gupta wasn’t alone in this scam. As a matter of fact, a former employee, whose name the police did not disclose, helped Gupta run the scam. He passed the technical know-how on to Gupta and that is how he managed to register the fake returns in Amazon’s database.

As of now, all the bank accounts in connection with this have been frozen by the police.

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Cover Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)