Bengaluru Couple Headed To Malaysia Denied Boarding Over E-Visa Error; Forced To Spend Extra ₹80K

by Tooba Shaikh
Bengaluru Couple Headed To Malaysia Denied Boarding Over E-Visa Error; Forced To Spend Extra ₹80K

Owing to an unfortunate series of events, a couple from Bengaluru were forced to spend an extra ₹80,000. An error in their E-Visa coupled with instructions from the airline staff forced them to go through a huge hassle. The couple were headed to Malaysia on a vacation from the Kempegowda International Airport or the KIA. But the trip that they were eagerly looking forward to turned into a major anxiety.

Bengaluru Couple Forced To Spend Extra ₹80K

Bengaluru couple
Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)

Sonam Chhatwani, who is 33 years old and works as a business consultant was going to travel with her husband, Ronak Vachher, who is also 33 years old and works as a techie. They live in Bannerghatta in Bengaluru but had planned a family vacation to Malaysia, for which they were understandably excited. But things took a sour turn for this couple.

On October 13, which was the day their departure was scheduled, they arrived at the Bengaluru International Airport. Their departure was scheduled for 11:30 PM and they were on time. But when they were about to board the AirAsia plane AK 52 to Kuala Lumpur, they were denied entry.

When asked why were they not allowed on the plane for which they paid more than ₹30,000, they were informed of an error in their E-Visas. According to an article recently published by The Times Of India, Sonam Chhatwani’s name was misspelt on the E-Visa and Ronak Vachher’s middle name was missing. Even though the rest of the details on their passport matched, they were not allowed to board the plane.

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What They Learned Upon Landing In Kuala Lumpur

Bengaluru couple
Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)

The ground staff of the airline advised that they should instead fly to Kuala Lumpur via Thailand. This is because Malaysia has the facility of visa on arrival for Indians who come from Thailand. Hence, they had to book different flights which cost them around ₹80,000! Since they were eager to join the rest of the family who were already in Malaysia on vacation, they took the staff member’s advice.

However, when they arrived in Kuala Lumpur via Bangkok, they found out that all of their worries and hassles were for nought! They found out that the E-Visas that they had were acceptable and that they didn’t have to go through the trouble of booking another flight. Upon learning this, they attempted to contact AirAsia to get a refund but haven’t received any response from the team.

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Have you ever had any similar experiences when it comes to E-Visa? Would you want to travel to Malaysia? Let us know in the comments section below!

Cover Image Credits: Canva Images (Representational)

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