Couple Caught Having S*x In Flight Toilet In Viral Video; Netizens Say “Only Happens On easyJet”

by Sanjana Shenoy
Couple Caught Having S*x In Flight Toilet In Viral Video; Netizens Say “Only Happens On easyJet”

“Plane etiquette, what’s that?”,  seems to be the flavour of the season. From inebriated flyers urinating on passengers to scuffles taking place mid-air, the book on plane etiquette seems to be catching dust. Now to add to this, recently, a couple were caught having sex inside a UK easyJet flight’s toilet in a viral video. Here’s what actually happened.

Couple Arrested For Having Sex Mid-Air On easyJet Flight

There’s a 37-second video clip circulating on X (formerly Twitter). In this video, a flight attendant is seen standing outside the toilet on an easyJet Luton to Ibiza flight. The flight attendant goes on to open the door only to show a couple exposed mid-flight having sex in the toilet. The exposed couple, quickly closed the door, to perhaps complete what they started. Flyers gasp in shock and embarrassment. Many break into laughter.

The viral video of this incident which took place on September 8 has been viewed over 5 million times on social media platform X. On landing in Ibiza, police officers escorted the couple off the aircraft. A spokesperson from easyJet revealed to MailOnline that the couple having sex inside the aircraft were met by police on their arrival in Ibiza. This was due to their behaviour onboard.

According to Section 71 of the Sexual Offences Act 2004, it is an offence to engage in sexual activities in a public lavatory. But there is no UK law that specifically deals with a couple having sex on the plane. While the couple were arrested on arrival, it remains unclear what actions were taken against them.

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Netizens Share Their Hilarious Reactions On X

However, Netizens left no stone unturned to share their hilarious comments and opinions. One person commented that such incidents only happen on easyJet. Another one joked about the man holding his lady’s handbag while they were “doing the deed”. Someone else joked about calling the flight “Sleazy Jet”. And then of course there were hilarious speculations if it was the pilot in the first case.

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Meanwhile, have you ever come across such unusual incidents while flying, especially those that scream zero plane etiquette?

Cover Image Courtesy: @VideosIrish/ X (formerly Twitter)