IIT Professional In Bengaluru Doubles As Lake Caretaker!

by Madhusree Chatragadda
IIT Professional In Bengaluru Doubles As Lake Caretaker!

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In the chaos of everyday life, there stood out a man who not only noticed the poor state of the environment and the deteriorating condition of water bodies but also decided to change them, all by himself.

What Is It?

Passing the stagnant waters of Bellandur Lake, Venugopal Kumpalli did not let the sorry state of affairs continue and kill the Lake Maragondanahalli. “..instead of changing my route, I decided to change the state of the lake altogether!” he said in a conversation with The Better India.

Credits: The Better India

He sought the required permissions from the Panchayat officially placing himself as the Lake warden in 2017. He also procured the necessary equipment to clean the lake by taking help online.

What’s More?

Now 39, Venugopal does not know swimming! Yet he ventured into the waters wearing life jackets and using a boat made only of PVC pipes! He was also joined by fellow considerate individuals and children in his quest to clean the lake of all its impurities.

Credits: The Better India

14 acres of this polluted space has now been revived! A truly inspiring story of being the change.