Bengaluru Man Says 99% Mumbai Auto & Cab Drivers Don’t Accept UPI; Netizens Ask Him To Prove It

by Vaishalee Kalvankar

The emergence of UPI brought a completely new and different wave to the country, where people’s dependence on cash was reduced to almost zero. But many people have still not opted for UPI payments for various reasons. Talking about UPI, a Bengaluru man recently posted his experience in Mumbai on the social media site X (formerly known as Twitter). He claimed that over 99% of Mumbai auto and cab drivers do not accept UPI.

Bengaluru Man Says 99% Mumbai Auto & Cab Drivers Don’t Accept UPI

Bengaluru man Sumukh Rao recently posted his experience with Mumbai auto and cab drivers on X (formerly known as Twitter). He said that about 99% of these do not accept UPI payments. Sumukh found it funny that Mumbai, being called the financial capital, lacked this facility.

He further mentioned that not only auto and cab drivers but even popular establishments like Kyani and Rustom Ice Cream also accept only cash. Being from Bengaluru, he invited people to his city and mentioned that every rickshaw has three different QR codes.

Looking at his posts, a wave of criticism and opinions flowed in. Netizens began slamming him for the data he provided.

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Slammed by Social Media Site Users

Netizens slammed the Bengaluru man for his comment on Mumbai’s UPI facility. One of the users asked him if Bengaluru auto drivers take payment as per the meter. Sumukh immediately called it an invalid point of argument.

One user asked Sumukh to provide the data that made him write 99% in his claim. He asked him to be reasonably exaggerating. Another user spoke about how, 99% of the time, they do not get a rickshaw in Bengaluru.

One of the users also pointed out that they would still prefer Mumbai cabs and autos, as they at least do not charge over and above the actual amount. Another user posted a picture of an auto that accepted UPI in Mumbai to slam Sumukh’s claim. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: @RaoSumukh/X (formerly known as Twitter)