Bengaluru Signboard Warns Against Smartphone ‘Zombies’; Netizen Says, “Attacks Our Entire Generation”

Netizen shares picture of a hilarious signboard in Benagluru that warns commuters against smartphone zombies.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Bengaluru Signboard Warns Against Smartphone ‘Zombies’; Netizen Says, “Attacks Our Entire Generation”

Forget Bengaluru being invaded by wide-eyed zombies, frothing at the mouth. The Silicon Valley of India has something even more dangerous than zombies— Smartphone Zombies. A sarcastic signboard warns citizens to beware of smartphone “zombies” and Netizens had quite a chuckle at the truth bomb.

Bengaluru Warns Commuters Against Smartphone Zombies

An X user, Prakriti (@prakritea17) took to the microblogging site to share a hilarious picture of a Bengaluru signboard. The picture, a warning sign, shows two stick figures too busy looking into their phones with their necks bent, without caring about their surroundings. It reads, “Be Aware of Smartphone Zombies”. It’s a direct jibe at celloholics or people who drown in their phones and walk on the roads, blissfully unaware of their surroundings.

@prakritea17 in her caption writes that this Bengaluru signboard singlehandedly attacks the entire generation. This picture instantly went viral and Netizens poured their reactions, many of which are simply hilarious. @EmptyRedBullTin observes that a person clicked this picture using a smartphone. @Vijay_Kumar1201 goes a step beyond. According to him a person used a smartphone to click, post, share and comment on the signboard. 

Netizens Say Pic Clicked, Shared, Commented Using Smartphone

@silly_dodo narrates her personal experience being a former smartphone zombie. This Netizen witnessed a person snatching the smartphone of a passer-by in front of her eyes. Since then, she has stopped being a smartphone zombie. Instead, she keeps her phone in her pocket every time she is outside. 

@bnnaren comments sarcastically that it’s become a norm for pedestrians to talk on the phone while crossing busy junctions in the city. Moreover, @Kargnition says that smartphone zombies are so busy and addicted to their phones that they will never give a damn about the signboard.

@VpkPrasanna says he often sees people using their mobiles in traffic where they can’t even wait for 30 to 60 seconds without their devices. Also, @AshAreyada observes that the present generation captures moments but doesn’t cherish them as they should.

Bengaluru folks, what do you think about this hilarious signboard warning you against “smartphone zombies”?

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